Can't Wait For Spring

Hey guys, it's Feburary. Coldest month of the year. D: And you can defiantly feel it in New Jersey. Well, for some reason, yesterday was a great day for getting stuff done.

What got done: Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice, Webcomic Writing, Reading Library Book, World Of Warcraft Emblems (Yes, I finally got all 10 in a day :D), Webcomic Concept Designs, TV Production Homework Chapters 3-4, History Homework Pages 25-41, Viking Project Website, Some Spring Cleaning, Conversion for my Anime Music Video First Draft (the files weren't able to be read for Adobe Premiere), Social Networking Website Notes, Business Etiquette Website Notes, Table Top Game Room Ideas, HTML Website Notes, Film/Video Ideas, Clean Out Purse.

What Didn't Get Done: Gaia Guild Updates, Writing, Reading Book, History Homework Pages 43-51, Cooking Something.

As you can see, a great bulk of the stuff that was suppose to get done, got done. :)

Today or tomorrow (All my research is telling me tomorrow but someone is claiming it's today) is Imbolc. Which is a pagan holiday. Which is a good holiday for new beginnings. The maiden goddess Brigid brings with her and the candle magick, inspiration, purification, and new starts. And considering I've been feeling quite stressed and feeling my procrastination is like a toxin in my body, this is wonderful. I've got a ritual printed out, I just need 7 red and white candles, a large bowel or cauldron, and sand to fill the bottom of it with, oh and of course a lighter for the candles.

Today is the first of the month which means I need to clean out my laptop. So this month I am going to: 1) Install Firefox ( want my spell checker and restore sessions) 2) Run Virus/Spam Scans 3) Do the right click drive clean out thingy, I don't know what that's called 4) Updates.

My mom is going to send me to the grocery store for a small amount of things. Or at least it better be, I'm tired of the grocery store eating up all my time to do my list. And while I'm out I'll get the candles that should be cheap, if it's not there cheap, I'll have to find it somewhere else cheap.

My sister has class today and I don't. So today I am going to the editing lab to do my TV Production homework. Maybe I can do the brain test while I am there if I have time.

Yesterday was a fair day to be on weight watchers. I was really tired and needed a bit more food, but i think I made the right decisions.

Well, I should get started on that list.

Today's List:
Social Networking
Business Etiquette
Table Top Room Ideas
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Reading Books
Library Book Reading
World of Warcraft Emblems
Homework: TV Production Editing Lab (Due Tuesday for Wednesday Class)
Homework: Public Speaking Show And Tell (Due Monday for class Tuesday)
Homework: History Traditions and Encounters Reading Pages 43-51
Homework: History Viking Project Website Reading
Anime Music Video First Draft (DVDs Ripped and Converted, now I just need to start editing)
Clean Out Laptop
Clean out E-Mail
Belly Dance DVD
Write Recipes
Spring Cleaning

Gah! Another big list. D: Wish me luck everyone.

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