Plan for today, homework, errands, others

I don't want to end up working on homework all throughout the weekend so I got to cram alot of things in for today.

Here's the to do list for today:

Music Video Special Project Plans
Practice Hiragana
Find Folders And Organize Papers
Write Script For Screen Writing
Write Script For NJRK
Pick Up Camera Equipment
Shoot Shots For Digital Video Production Class
Ballet Practice
Sew Sleeves
Start On Sociology Paper
Level My WOW Character

Long time, need new wind

Well, since I have started school I have been coming home later and feeling more tired, and haven't been able to blog or get much besides homework done. But I am going to be trying more to try and get through what I want to get done, if that makes any sense, I don't know, it's 11:11pm and I am tired, so until tomorrow. :)


Been painting all day, my parents started at 11am and it's now 1:15am and there's still a bit to do. Nothing done today, annoied at my parents complaining baout my stuff that I bought with my own money when I had a job. "You need to get rid of" yeah, they didn't pay for it, what do they care?! It's not their hobby or their hopeful career, what the hell do they care?! That's all today.

New Look, New Semester, No Progress

Today, is a happy day, I think I got a scheduale that works for school even though I have like 20 hours of classes per week and I still need to find a job. But with the new semster has brought in me a new attitude, a new snese of independance, new goals to reach, and a new look for my room. Unfortuantly, almost as soon as I got home, we got right to moving things around and painting so I got virtually nothing done and still got more painting tommarrow, so lets see what happens with this new feel. :D

So very tired

First week of school has taken alot out of me, once again, no comment....I'm so very tired :(

No comment

No blog today to use unusually long day at school.

School Days

I only got around to clean out my e-mail due to coming to school the next day and not having enough sleep the previous day. I have a feeling it'll be the same the next two days. :(

Excuses Excuses

Were anyone actually following my blog would notice that it has come later then usual. As predicted, I got nothing done yesterday due to the party. Here's where it wasn't predicted: There was an after party after the part that lasted until 10pm, as the after party was drawing to a close, my friend whispered me about sleeping over. I never slept over at her house before and I returned home, grabbed my pj's and returned back her house where we watched the ending of 13 Ghosts and told each other scary stories. After a late night of girly sleep over fun, I expected it wouldn't take to long to return home and get some things done right? Wrong. Once we woke up, my friend made us breakfast as we decided to go to the lake, which meant two of us had to return home to get our swimsuits from yesterday. When we got done an hour had already passed and we stopped at wawa where two of us got icees, and two off us got iced coffee. We spent until 5pm swimming in the lake and then return to her, watch Confessions Of A Shopaholic, chatted and packed up and return home around 8pm.

Now it's almost 9pm and I have a small to do list I should hopefully get some done before I go to bed and get ready for my first day of the semester tomorrow.

Practice Hiragana
Upload Designs
Read And Take Notes On Books (I decided I'll check them out again and give me extra time)
Gaia Posts
Clean E-mail
Practice Belly Dancing

Lets see how this goes.

Another defeat

Another day of not getting anything done, I nearly finished with my hiragana practice and that was it. I ended up spending hours shopping at Hong Kong Supermarket and for a gift from my friend today. Now today's the day of the party and I doubt much will get done:

To Do:
Clean Purse
Clean Car
Level A WOW Character
Upload Designs
Hiragana Practice
Steam Wall Paper
Finalize Anthropology project (Late)
Read And Take Notes On MORE Pages Of Books

Lets see just how much can get done.

Crushing Defeat For The Day

I did not get around to anything but the post office yesterday. After the Thursday near completion I thought Friday was going to be even better, it wasn't even close. But I am not going to let this get me down too much. The Crash Course in procrastination book says that dwelling on a bad day will only make the course worse, that and the road to procrastination is bound to have some drawbacks. I just try and make the drawbacks as few as possible.

Oh well, here's today's to do list:

Finish Steaming Walls (mom and dad apparently want to repaint my room this weekend, Moroccan theme, YAY)
Anthropology Project (late)
Level My WOW Character
Practice Hiragana
Upload Cafepress Products
Read And Take Notes On 250 Pages Of Book
Gaia Guild Posts

Lets see how much gets done today.

Close But No Cigar

Compared to yesterday, if my fight with procrastination were a race, I would have came in 3rd instead of near last. Yesterday I managed to get alot done even with all the cooking I did that day. I started the day by making Irish Coffee Muffins which could have used a bit of Bailey's. After words I sat at my computer for a while before I went and cleaned the bathroom. After i had finished with the bathroom, I started to make lunch. My mom pulled up a recipe for sticky chicken which turned out to be just a barbecue sauce (which I don't like) covered chicken recipe which would not satisfy with the cooking from my new recipe book.

A while after I finally managed to eat my overcooked lunch, I worked out with my Belly Dance DVD until I was called down for dinner. My sister ended up actually cooking the chicken, I just marinaded it. I returned, sat at the computer until around 7ish when I really started moving on my procrastination list.

I read a few pages and took paragraph of notes from the "The Filmmaker's Handbook" book but not all 205 pages so I can't check that off, but it's something. I sewed strands of hair on the doll trying to make progress. But I made a tiny bald spot disappear. After that I picked up my violin and played for a minuet or two, right now it's about getting back into the habit in a few days I'll make myself sit for at least half an hour to an hour. I practice writing and memorizing hiragana and it took quite a while. Then I tried to practice my calligraphy, and found out my ink had become a sticky gooey mess, tried to thin it with water, didn't work, now I need new quill ink.

Unfortunately, that's all I did, I didn't get around to do the cafepress products, I forgot about my gaia guild, and I didn't read enough book. But that's alright, because I am still ahead and it's a new day. it's almost noon here and today I got to:
Go To The Post Office for dad
Sew Something
Workout With My Ballet DVD
Practice Hiragana
Upload Cafepress Designs
Read 215 Pages Of Book And Take Notes
Post On My Gaia Guild
Figure Out And Submit My Anthropology Project
I should start Leveling A WOW Character

Lets see how today goes. I am in high spirits.


I am disappointing at how much I didn't get done yesterday.

It started out alright, I finished my blog and got ready to go to the grocery store, I went it took a while, and Chinese food that I tempted my mom into getting was waiting for me. I sat at my desk around 2:30ish and started to take a break and catch up on some Dominic Deegan and chatting with my boyfriend. It was a few hours later that I decided to start on the hallway and cleaned it. It was another few hours later that I saw that it was already 8 pm and at 10pm I cleaned my room. At that time one of my friends had sent me a lot of places to look for more recipes to try and my computer started to crash from low virtual memory, meaning it was being on too long and that I was expecting too much of it at that point. While it was restarting and spybot was doing a scan, I managed to get out one piece of art before i returned to my computer and forgot everything else.

New day, new set of goals.

Today I have to clean the Bathroom I didn't clean yesterday, make up for lost time by Reading 205 Pages Of Book And Taking Notes, Practice Hiragana,load some Cafepress Designs, post on my Gaia Guild, Practice Violin, work out with my Belly Dance DVD, Work On My Doll, Practice Calligraphy, and mom's most likely going to send me out to the grocery store again.

I better get started with at least one thing. I will let you guys know how this goes.

Head plan

Alright, it is currently 11:35 am. I am skipping looking for a job today because I was caught in half sleep all night before my 7:35am alarm started going off for me to get ready. But this is all time I am going to be using to try and figure out a "battle plan" so to speak for trying to get out of my procrastination habit.

Well, here it is:


Load 5 Designs To My Cafepress Shop - I have had this shop for a really long time and has done nothing but cost money, it's time I updated daily and changed that.

Read 190 Pages And Take Notes On My Library Books (due Spet 15) - I could always take these out again, yes, but there are other books, and other things to do, I'd rather make the due date.

Post New Replies To My Gaia Role Playing Guild - I just revitalized my guild after a long writers block hiatus, I need to keep up with it.

Hiragana Practice For 1-2hrs (until test in my community college) - The fact I didn't get hiragana off the bat in my Japanese class made me drop it. Not this time.

Update Blog (Yes I will be updating daily, it'll be good to keep a record.)

Job Search (Whenever Possible) - Still jobless, need to change that asap.


Belly Dance DVD (Monday and Thursday) - I've been wanting to learn to belly dance for years and I could shave a few pounds off of me.

Violin Practice (Tuesday and Thursday) - I've had my violin and wanted to self-teach myself to play since I was 13, time to at least master the basics.

Ballet DVD (Tuesday And Friday) - Something I dropped in middle school and wanted to pick up again as a fun activity.

Step Aerobics (Wednesday) - I am currently 175lbs, I could stand to lose 10-20lbs.

Clean Out Email (Monday) - Y'know how ones e-mail gets if you don't keep up with it.

Clean Out Purse (Sunday) - My purse can get really heavy and really dirty if I don't keep up with it.

Clean Out Car (Sunday, unless raining) - I have a tenancy to leave trash in there so it's good to have it on the schedule.

Level A World Of Warcraft Character (By Sunday) - My boyfriend has been complaining I don't level enough and it makes it hard for us to be able to play together. I should change that. :)

Clean Room (Wednesday) - If I don't keep up with my room, I wont have room to do anything.

Sewing (Friday) - I have a lot of fabric to use that has just been sitting around, I want to learn to sew.

Calligraphy Practice (Thursday) - Just something I wanted to pick up and practice at, if I am good enough I can scan some into my shop.

Work On Doll (Thursday) - I've had this handmade doll I was suppose to give a friend unfinished for years, time I finished it.

Work On Art (Wednesday) - I need to practice art to be any good at it.


Clean Out Laptop (1st of the Month) - A laptop could get overfilled with old files and adaware and spyware if you don't semi-keep up with it and be slower and less useful.

Clean Out Computer (15th of the Month) - Same thing as the laptop, if I don't keep up with it, it'll be a mess and wont work as well.

Try A New Recipe (Once A Month) - At any given point in a month I want to try a new recipe I never tried before in my cook book. Recipes will probably grow so it might always give me something new.

Due Dates and Break Downs:

Get Through Entire Belly Dance DVD (Jan 7th) - So far I can't even get past the basic moves.

Get Through Entire Ballet DVD (Jan 8th) - So far I can barely make it past the stretches.
Build A Balance Beam (Oct 10th) - Or sooner depending on when I find a job, some of the exercises require a balance beam.

Scotland Return Chart (March 21st) - I am planning as a birthday gift for myself, going back to Scotland. I was there for a semester abroad and loved it.
Pick Where To Go (Sept 21st) - I need to know where I am going and what I am doing.
Estimations (Sept 30th) - Estimations Of Travel
Start Saving For Plane Ticket (Oct 1st or sooner) - Depends on how soon I find a job how soon I can put away $200 a month to have a ticket by February. (If I start misspelling February, it's because I accidentally added the misspelling to dictionary, if anyone knows how to reverse this let me know.)
Pick Travel Dates (Jan 12th)
Book Flight (Feb 12th)
Book Travel (Feb 21st) - Need to travel form place to place.
Book Hostels (Feb 21st) - Need somewhere to rest my head.
Make Final Plans (March 21st)
Leave (Sometime first week of April)

Steam Wall Paper Off My Wall (Sept 17th) - We're redecorating my room and one of the first things that needs to be done is to remove as much wall paper as possible.
Around The Desk (Sept 6th)
Around The Sewing Desk (Sept 9th)
Up To The Shelves (Sept 13th)
Finish (Sept 17th)

Anthropology Project Submission (Sept 4th) - I need to do this or I'll be spending a lot of the School Semester trying to approve it.

Game Room Ideas (Dec 21st) - I wanted to help out with AnimeNext's Game Room to make it run a little smoother.

Finished Doll (Dec 12th 2010) - I wanted to be finished with the doll by this time to finally send it to my friend. Of course as soon as I am done, I am going to make one for myself.

AnimeNext Cosplay Costume (March 28th) - I want to enter a cosplay contest next year for AnimeNext.
Sleeves (By Sept 25th)
Chest Piece (By Oct 16th)
Plated Skirt Piece (By Oct 30th)
Shirt Piece Together (By Nov 13th) - It's long just in case I didn't make it fit.
Get More Boot Fabric (By Nov 25th)
Boot Sock Base (By Dec 10th)
Boot Sock Cover (By Dec 24th)
Boot Sock Check (By Jan 8th) - Just in case it doesn't fit.
Pants (By Jan 22nd)
Vest (By Feb 12th)
Fiberglass (By Feb 26th)

AnimeNext '10 Anime Music Video Entry (March 28th) - I've been meaning to enter for a while, never did.
Pick A Song and Anime (Oct 3rd)
Rip Video (Nov 15th)
First Draft (Jan 2nd)
Second Draft (Feb 12th)
Final Draft (March 23rd)

It's So Easy To Write A Comedy Script (Dec 15th) - I had the idea two years ago, I want to write it to be a play for the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom
5 Pages (Sept 7th) - I missed last deadline this is the new deadline.
10 Pages (Sept 15th)
15 Pages (Oct 16th)
20 Pages/Final Draft (Dec 15th)

I do believe that is it, I'll blog later if I discover something I missed. Keeping track today I have to: Clean My Room, Work On Art, Practice Hiragana, Add New Cafepress Products, Read And Take Note On Books, Look For A Job When Possible, Update My Gaia Guild Posts, and Do Step Aerobics. On top of that mom wants me to: Clean The Hallways, Clean The Bathroom, and Go Grocery Shopping. Lets see how I do.

Until next time.

First Entry

Hello all.

My name is Ahmetia Campbell and I am a procrastinator. I am a 20-year old community college student in New Jersey who dreams of becoming a film maker, but there is a goal that needs to be meet first. Did I say a goal? I meant alot of goals to meet first. Mainly goals of things that have remained half finished and things I have been meaning to do for years to try and "PowerHouse My Way Through Procrastination".

I was considering writing a blog for a couple of weeks now and then as a last minuet decision I went to see Julie&Julia with my best friend. After leaving I mentioned the idea of having my own blog and my friend suggested a blog on procrastination. I was immediately inspired.

Before you think this is a big chance to overcoming, let me tell you what I have put off that I scheduled myself to do today:

5 new caf├ępress designs
Violin Practice
Clean Out My Laptop
Ballet Practice

I did however finished my recent goal of putting together my own cookbook. (I hadn't thought at all of the day to go see Julie&Julia infact I was originally going to see Ponyo, the new Miazaki film.) But this poses a problem as these are mostly new recipes I need to try, and I plan on trying them.

I wanted to get this blog created while it was fresh in my mind at 1am.

Will I continue and overcome my procrastination habit? Or will this just be another unfinished project until I can no longer see the hand infront of my face.

I will soon find out.