Super bowel?

Hey guys, happy super bowel if you care that it's super bowel day, personally I don't. So yeah. The only things I like about super bowel is stealing snacks and weird commercials coming out on that day. Though I found on IMDB the Super Bowel Avatar The Last Airbender trailer. I guess I wont be seeing it due to white, white, middle eastern, white, white, white, white, middle eastern, Asian but minor character who doesn't really have a name. It's an insult to Mako's memory. Not only that, but it's clear whoever was in charge of costuming doesn't know the difference between Russia, Mongolia, to Japan. To ignore the heavy Asian and Inuit influence is insulting.

Yesterday was alright, I did: Hiragana/Katakana, Gaia Updates, Webcomic Art, New Years Resolutions, HTML, Table Top Game Room, Film/Video, Business Etiquette.
Didn't Do: Vocabulary Practice, Writng, Reading Book, Library Book, World Of Warcraft Emblems, Viking Project Website, College Applications, AMV First Draft, Do's Don'ts and Mantras of Writing bullet points, All Homework, Webcomic Writing.

So yeah, by a lot, there's more things not done then done, but it's slightly better then the runt I've been in. But i need to get to work on some things. So I better get to it. Though it's 5pm already. D:

I'm still looking for suggestions to make my blog more interesting.

To Do List:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Reading Book
Library Book
World of Warcraft Emblems
Webcomic Concept Art
Viking Project Website
College Applications
AMV First Draft
Do's Don'ts and Mantras of Writing
TV Production Homework
History Homework
Public Speaking Homework
Clean out Purse

Still a big list. :( Wish me luck.

**Late edit post, I decided to just make my deadline to 5am, where I count it as a new day. I'll see what happens with this after a while.

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