The 5 more mineuts trap

Hey guys, yesterday didn't go so well, mostly due to to the fact that between my classes I was running around for the start of my transferring to college phase. I'm going to be doing that a bit today but not as bad. It also has to do with the fact I thought my sister got out at 9pm not 10pm, so, yeah, if remembered that, I would have had a lot more time to do something.

Yesterday went so bad, I'll just tell you what did get done. Gaia Updates, Social Networking Website, HTML Website, Bento. (Btw the bento pictures will be up late since my mom hasn't posted them on her blog yet.)

Well, I better get my butt moving today. I would have started up sooner if I wasn't in the 5 more minuet snooze trap. I even went to bed earlier then last night, it's weird. But yeah, I fell into that downward spiral and now I only have about an hour to do everything. *sigh*

I also found out Amazon dose self publishing. Though you have to pay them. :( I guess I'll spend 1-2+ years saving while writing.

I'm still looking for ideas to make my blog more interesting.

Well, I better get to that list.

Today's List:
Social Networking
Business Etiquette
Table Top Room Ideas
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Writing (I decided to try and make a 5 page a day minimum)
Reading Books
Library Book Reading
World of Warcraft Emblems
Webcomic Design Art
Webcomic Writing
Homework: History Viking Project Website Reading
Homework: Japanese (Once I find the sheet that tells me it)
Homework: Public Speaking (Once I find the sheet of what pages I should have been reading before my book arrived)
Anime Music Video First Draft
Write Recipes
Spring Cleaning
Clean Room
Work On Art

Another big list. :( See you soon everyone.

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