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Hey guys, sorry I didn't post yesterday, waking up earlier didn't help me to get anything don't before my shirt which I had to stay later for. There goes the last review for Japanese class before the test. And at some point I got to sell my books and try and fundraise for my last class I'm suppose to take which will cost $600, yes, for one class.

I promised to post a review and I'm going to start today. Starting with Kickass.

**Warning the following review may contain spoilers, I always do my best but I have to comment on somethings**

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Kickass is undoubtedly one of the better comic books movies to be created despite it's few scenes of unbearable gore. And when I say few, I do mean few, and you'll be able to see it coming so if you can't handle a guy exploding in a giant microwave by the mob, shut your eyes until you hear a pop and think happy thoughts. Though a girl at work told me the comic book was much gorier.

Lets review each of these heroes one by one first. Between here and the last hero is probably where I'm going to have to have a bunch of spoilers.

Before I start, lemme get this quote up because, I literally could only think this quote the last half hour of the movie. "Heroes, some a born heroes, some are trained to be heroes, some didn't even know they were heroes, and some, wellllll, hero isn't the best word to describe them, like, ever." ~ Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon from Unforgotten Realms Episode 31: I Would Have Named Him Peter.

Alright, lets do this in order starting with the one and and only Kick Ass.

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Kickass is the first super hero introduced in a world exactly like our own. A comic book nerd who asks himself, in a world where there is so much wrong in the world and no one helps, why has no one tried to be a super hero? Other then some unstable mental patients. He initially gets his idea from watching as someone watches him from a window getting beat up and robbed and the guy closes the window. To his credit, this statement is true, "Admit it, you would have done the same thing." You could say, no I would have called the police, but I bet you're lieing to yourself, crime goes on all the time and we don't even do so much as that, it's a sad fact of our times.

After purchasing a suit from an online store with a pair of batons (somewhere between a kunchuck and the ones the police uses), he resolves and sets off to be a super hero. And this is a guy who earlier admitted to not being athletics, particularly smart, or even the funniest guy. So this initially ends with predictable results if, lets say, I tried that off the bat. Kickass literally walks the street looking for something. But not only that, created a myspace page so that people can try and contact him for help. His first true moment of Super Heroism comes from him protecting a guy from getting pummeled to probably death. This is infront of a convenience store and he instantly becomes an internet sensation.

Kickass is constantly moving back and forth between whether or not this is a good idea and reflects his own self esteem issues, especially with girls. Yes, Kickass has the typical awkwardness with girls popular in the relate-able Super Hero mix, from when they started making Super Heroes more relate-able, such as Spiderman. His crush is a running part of the movie, but doesn't take up anymore then necessary for character development, so don't go thinking this suddenly turned into a chick flick, it's barely more of a chick flick then Watchman, and we all know how that looked.

If their goal was to make a normal everyday super hero, they did their job. As I've mentioned, this has about as predictable results as if I were were to do it. Of course, I'd probably have enough sense to put armor underneath my costume.

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Next up, Big Daddy and Hit Girl. A father/daughter team that is a lot closer to a typical super hero you'd find. A pair of vigilantes up against a big crime boss who has most of the police force under his thumb. After Big Daddy got framed and put in jail, Hit Girl's mother wasn't able to handle the stress of a single pregnant woman trying to make ends meat for just herself, let alone the baby on the way. The doctors got her just in time for Hit Girl to be born unscared. Kick Ass makes a comment about them being the real deal, which Hit Girl and Big Daddy make comments about his mistakes where anyone, the police, the mob boss, a hacker of a gang, could have easily traced him back to where he lives. Hit Girl and Big Daddy are introduced as Kick Ass is attempting to get rid of a guy who's abusing his current love interest. Hmmm, kind of reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors. With the same end result for the girl.

Big Daddy and Hit Girl were already training for their eventual final battle well before Kick Ass arrived. They decided a couple of costumes, masks, and a wig would be prefect for keeping their secret identity safe. Unless I'm getting this wrong in which case, comment below. I think there was evidence Big Daddy had planned on becoming vigilante Super Heroes well before Kick Ass. These two however, when not on their own tangent about inching closer to the mob boss, only see Kick Ass roughly 3 times through the movie. So their more their own right rather then sidekicks or allies.

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Red Mist is the last hero to go into the mix. I'll leave out his background story as I think I have enough spoilers for one review. Let me just say each of the 3 groups has an aspect of Batman. Kick Ass is the normal human part of Batman, Big Daddy and Hit girl is the vigilante part, and Red Mist is the part that has a lot of money and has bought the tools. There is not much to say about Red Mist without giving away his entire involvement as he doesn't even get introduced until we're nearing the end of the movie. Infact, I was sitting in my theater seat wondering when this 4th hero would show up.

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Well, I'm running late on time so I'll wrap up this review. Overall, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has the stomach to sit through the few gorier then normal for a comic book/action movie scenes. Meaning no children until you buy the DVD and their old enough to handle that, and then sit them down and say, this was an awesome movie a few years ago. Script/Story A+ Acting A+ Effects A+ Editing A (there's probably some goofs I didn't realize) Twists To Make You Keep Guessing A Costuming A.

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Wish me luck.

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