Snow Day!

Today, New Jersey snowed. :D But once again, I've had a nasty day to try and get things done. :( Basically all that got done was some concept designs for the webcomic.

Anyway, to the reviews I promised you guys.

The Dublin House in Red Bank New Jersey was, as always, great. I don't remember when they finished their renovations, but the Dublin House is a cozy little cottage down the street from Count Basie Theater and across from a new age store. We got a table upstairs and by the fire place. Which both toasted me up, and cooled me down since most likely wind was coming from the fireplace. I ordered my usual shepherds pie. The masted potato top was creamy and delicious with some amount of chunks, which I really like chunks. As for the filling, the peas and carrots were nice and tender, but not mushy, perfectly cooked in. The meat was well ground, and tender. Unlike some places you might get shepherds pie from where the inside just has greased up juices, the shepherds pie in The Dublin House is well seasoned and delicious. Even if you might usually like to add some Worcestershire sauce to your food, you don't need to with this. Since I didn't eat all day, I had room for desert. I can't remember the last time I had room for desert there. So I thought between the Dolce De Leche Cheesecake and the Caramel Apple Pie. I decided on the pie. The Caramel Apple Pie was a skinny but gooey slice of pie with strawberry slices and vanilla whip cream. The whip cream was sweet, delicious, and light. The pie itself has a shortbread cookie crust and topping which was butters and delicious. The filling was packed in with lots of caramel cream. I HIGHLY recommend the Dublin House.

The Cirque Le Masque. If you need justification of French superiority other then architecture, food, art, you might want to try watching this and remind yourself this form of entertainment is known as French Circus. Just don't try reading too much into it! The major problem I had with this was that it says it has a storyline, aside from the Flying Silk and the improv skit (to which I don't see a title in the program for it). But don't let that detract from the sense of Awe and wonder you can only get from highly trained acrobats. And an odd looking clown. :) If you're wondering why the people who made Kaliedo Star decided to do a more upscale magical version of a french circus, go see what can be done in reality. It'll leave you spell bound. Overall my favorite part was the Flying Silk with Caroline Petrement, which seemed to have a sort of love storyline. But what was truly grand about this performance was the sense that she was effortlessly flying. Several times was the silken cloth flowing with her as if they were fairy wing in a wonderful display of beauty. Weego which I am guessing is a clown was the preshow entertainment and a laugh with the famous song I'm Too Sexy. Elsie Smith and Serenity (wow a person named Serenity :D now i can justify my role play character's name) Smith Forchion were seamless wonders of the sky. Yuriy Abrosimov was a grand spectacle with his balancing act that rivals the high budgeted Dare Devil acts in awe. Aliza Panfilova uses her Hula Hoops in a grand display that gives you the illusion of watching someone dancing in lazer beams. Mario Diamond gives juggling a new found respect with feeling like a magician preforming magic dose. Andrei Roublev with his german wheel makes me redefine the word balance. The lights were a nice throw of something more modern to classic acrobatic tricks. I highly recommend finding tickets, even the cheap $10 seats that leave you with a feeling of vertigo before the show starts.

Well, enough reviews. It's already 4:30pm! D: I might get to my list.

My list for today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Reading Book
Library Book
World Of Warcraft Emblems
Webcomic Concept Art
Anime music Video First Draft
Viking Project Website
College Applications
New Year Resolution Progress Report
Social Network Website
HTML Website
Table Top Game Room Ideas
Film/Video Ideas
Business Etiquette Notes
Public Speaking Homework
Japanese Homework (if I didn't do it already)
TV Production Homework
History Homework

WOW! Big list! Wish me luck!

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