Sleepy Sleepy Sleeps

Hey guys. While Friday went well, yesterday was a total bust since I ended up sleeping for somewhere around 18 hours. So I'm just going to have to pretend it's Sunday and schedule this to be posted at midnight.

What got done Friday: Library Books 1-7, Hiragana&Katakana practice, Clean out car, Edit for Paranormal Encyclopedia, Shower

As it is, I didn't do as much knitting as I wanted to, since my circular knitting needles popped, but luckily my mom ordered me some super long ones which should be here tomorrow so I hopefully wont be falling to far behind on it.

To Do List:

Etsy Products

Etsy Teams
Etsy Shop Building
Library Book 1
Library Book 2
Library Book 3
Library Book 4
Library Book 5
Library Book 6
Library Book 7
Library Book 8
Library Book 9
Library Book 10
Library Book 11
Reading Book 1
Brush Teeth 1
Brush Teeth 2
Step Aerobics
Clean Room

Clean Out Purse
Edit Paranormal Encyclopedia
Knitting Hour 1
Knitting Hour 2
Knitting Hour 3
Wish me luck. :)

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