Yesterday Went Well.....Today.....eeeeehhhhhhhhh?

Yesterday went well, besides the big peices of catching up homework, I got pritty mcuh everything done before I went to bed. Healthier eatting has helped alot yesterday, after I got some Velveta Broccoli And Cheese, Lays Baked Sour Cream And Onion Potato Chips, and string cheese, I felt alot more full of energy. I had an omlet late at night not because I was running low on energy, but because I was really hungry. And that boost of cheesey energy had really helped. Now I got to focus on eatting right more like I did, destressing often, and doing little things to try and earn a little bit of money while I look for a job. The Gaia Guild has been a little slow, but the way I rearranged the fourms in the update list seemed to make everyone realize it. I had to cancel a contest though since it seems like not many people realized it. Oh, and I actualy uploaded some cafepress designs last night!! HURRAY!!

Today I already satisfied my once a month goal of cooking a new recipie, I made pumpkin muffins altering my mom's Banana Nut Bread Recipie. And I have to rearrange my room just a bit because I got a new printer/scanner which will hopefully get my *** moving on some things.

So, it's already 5:10, in Japanese Class (got a 78% on the test, just a few more points and I would have been dancing around like a mad girl :D), I got a 2 hour rehurssal unless I cancel early. My fatigue level isn't as bad as before but still relatively bad, I need something to help before I go to rehurssals or at least afterwords. My list shouldn't be too hard today.

My list for today:
Cafepress Upload
Hiragana/Katakana Practice (we're moving into Katakana in my class and I need to start learning it)
Read Up To Page 105 In My Directing Book
Watch Crash And Take Notes
Gaia Guild Update
Belly Dance DVD
Violin Practice
Work On Doll
Break Down World Is Mine Dance
Create Evil Bullet Points
Create Documents For Film/Play Ideas
Catch Up On Directing Notes
Think Up At Least 5 Money Ideas
Think Up At Least 5 Stress Relief Ideas
Plan At least 5 Healthy Meals

Hope I make at least most of this.
P.S Once again I am using internet explorer, so it there's a bunch of spelling errors, that's why.


Been 4 days since I last posted, gotten little to nothing done and I am still so very tired. I didn't end up reading as much as I should have in my directing book, though my actresses seem to be able to get this play, what it's about, and take my direction really well. I got to make note of them if I ever needed people for something while I am still in New Jersey, which hopefully I'll have at least 1 filming project before I go. I got a paper due in a week. I faced the most brutal test in Japanese and didn't do much studying. The only constolation is that even the best students from that class think they didn't do well. It was something that shouldn't have beeen hard but it was. Right now I am going to try and focus, initiate the reward chart someway, and get some things done and back on track.

I do think that I am not getting enough sleep, I usually don't go to bed until somewhere between 2-3am talking and role playing with my boyfriend online. But I think stress is the major cause of me being fatigued and tired and weary. Which apperiently weary is defined as a mental fatiuge so it's harder to get rid of. I plan on trying to change a couple of things about this. I am going to look up/think up some free stress relif ideas while I am still searching for a job when I'd most likely make one of my rewards a cheap massage. $45 for an hour is a very cheap rate here. I am going to try and eat healthier, maybe do a loose weight watchers think where they have you: have 1 multi-vitamin, eat 5 servings of fruits and vegitables, drink 8 cups of water, have 2 healthy oil, every day. It couldn't hurt to at least be healthier then maybe I wont feel like I need 13 hrs of sleep.

Well, he's my general to do list:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Read Directing Book to pg 165
Job Search
Plan TV Filming
Find Sheet Music for Songs for Voice Class
Start on Sociology paper
Write for Screen Writing
Film/Play Writing Ideas: Jack The Ripper / Fairy Play / Suicide Causing Demon "you think you got it bad"
Learn "The World Is Mine" Project Diva dance
Catch Up On My Directing Notes
Think up Ideas for $$$ when I don't have a job
Free Stress Relief Ideas
Find Short Film Contest for my area
Healthy Eatting Plan

What should be done today:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Pracitce
Clean Room
Read At least To Page 70 In Directing Book
Check Job Websites
Scheduale Time For Filming
Contact Voice Teacher About The Songs
Practice While Watch Project Diva Dance For At Least 3 Runs
Start On Title Page and Summary Page
Create The Bullet Points I Was Suppose To Create For Screen Writing Though I HATE Outlines
Create Documents For The Film/Play Ideas
Catch Up On Directing Notes
Think Up At Least 5 $$$ Ideas
Find At Least 5 Free Stress Reliefs
Plan At Least 5 Healthy Meals
Figure Out What To Cook Before Or On Halloween

Hope I make it, it's currently 12:45pm now so I can only hope. P.S If there's alot of spelling msitakes on this blog, it's because I am currently using Internet Explorer since I still haven't uploaded FireFox on my laptop.

Long time, need rest, way behind

Hey guys, if you noticed I haven't been posting in a while. It was sort of a try for a half vacation that hasn't worked much. I still had a lot to do and I still had to wake up for classes and because my mom has this annoying thing about sleeping in. And I still stayed up late to talk with my boyfriend online. And I got barely anything done and now I am a bit behind on some things. Basically now I am going to be trying to catch up, get back on track, and hopefully find a job so that I can relax with things like going out to eat more often and reward myself with it more often. Though when I do find a job, first two months is going to be me catching up with my bills and my savings for vacationing in Scotland. Though I have little complaints about this, what was it? Over a week of not trying to do everything on my lists. I just wish I got back into my groove sooner and could sleep in more. I am currently waiting to help sell concessions at my college's haunted house type thing.

To Do List For Today and This General Weekend:
Load Cafepress Designs (for today)
Japanese Vocabulary Studying
Hiragan Practice
35-50% to leveling a World of Warcraft Character (for today)
Costume Sewing
Cosplay Sewing
Violin Notes
Build A Balance Beam
Act I & Act II Points for Screenplay
Watch Crash For Paper
Start on Sociology Paper
Research APA format
Gaia Guild
Read Directing Book

I am sure I am forgetting something but I need to stop biting more then I can chew and this is already that. So hopefully I'll get most of these things at least mostly done by the end of the day. It's currently 11:10pm, so we'll have to see.

Long day, not over yet

Since I woke up late this morning, I have been running up and down, going to class, and having a late rehearsal. Yesterday went pretty well. Hopefully what little is left of today will work good. Thought it's 11:20pm thoguh I already did a lot of good work on my gaia guild.

So this is what I have left to do:
Uplaod Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Clean Out Computer
Belly Dance DVD
Violin Practice
And Work On Doll


Today's Blog

And one from today:

Yesterday went pretty good considering most of the stuff I was doing after I got home from voice. Though I was highly disappointed in the ballet DVD since I was feeling so tired I barely did any of the stretches at all. I managed to do a good amount of work on my gaia guild and hopefully I can do the same amount of work today. I did my hiragana and violin practice and started to figure out my schedule for my next semester at my college. I got a couple of bars in on my world of warcraft character which is good because it'll lighten the load trying to get her leveled by Sunday.

And now a new day, a new set of list, here's the list:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Clean Room
Work on Art
And Separate my one act into beats and sections

I hope I do better today :)

*post post edit, apparently it read as being sent yesterday so I don't know what happened here*

My Blog Didn't Send Yesterday

So there's two blogs today, one from yesterday:

I am just going to get right into the work, nothing interesting to report from yesterday anyway. I managed to satisfy my need to work on my gaia guild with the new feature of announcements. And I managed to clean out my e-mail and level my human priest to 77.

My List For Today:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Write Stuff

My Two Cents

Yesterday went alright, but not good, definitely not great. I managed to clean out my purse before my blah levels went down a lot by later going out to see Zombie Land and going out to eat.

Here's my two cents on each part. Zombie Land was a great movie focusing more on the characters then the zombie killing but the characters didn't distract that this was a horror action film about zombies and killing zombies and surviving a zombie apocalypse. It was a awesome balance between action, horror, comedy, and romance. The characters were real and mostly believable. The acting was great. And the Bill Murry cameo staring as himself was a definite highlight out of many. Climax/Crowning Moment of Awesome could have been a little more suspenseful but I did not feel robbed, cheated, or any feeling negative of the climax. The romance was neither graphic or near non-existent or out of no where. This was defiantly more of a dark comedy since the comedy seemed more apparent then any other sections. But I like comedy more. So my two cents, ANYONE able to deal with blood mouth spewing zombies, mild cannibalism, gun shots, and clean kissing should see this movie. How clean was it? I'd say that if the violence and the blood and cannibalism wasn't there, it'd defiantly have been G rated.

Eating out, we went to IHOP. Ok, what's so special about that? IHOP for it's fall time, came out with Pumpkin Pancakes. I can understand where some people might have seen Pumpkin Pancakes and have already skipped the rest of this review. But these pancakes were amazing. A lovely balance between pumpkin and it's spices. So soft, the whipped cream it was topped with made it so soft you could mash it in your mouth, but not under cooked. Granted, your millage may vary with shift and cook. Whoever had that 9-10pm shift at the Marlboro NJ IHOP was a good cook and made them very well.

Anyway, when I got home though, I did manage to get to work on writing my screenplay for my screenplay writing course. I wrote 5 pages, and now I need to thin of names for a character's co-workers and it was getting late and I didn't want to start looking at names. I also managed to break my record, twice, in my hiragana practice game where I drag each hiragana symbol with it's romanji (English letters) equivalent. I first got 1:17 when I broke it first. Then I got 1:07 when I broke it a second time, I'm starting to really get the hang of it. After that I got a few bars in of leveling my world of warcraft character but I didn't level her completely, I'll be finishing that tonight at the request of my boyfriend so we can play together.

So my list for tonight not counting that is:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Belly Dance DVD
Clean Out E-mail.

It's currently 10:44pm, lets see how I do.

I Think I Need Coffee

Hey guys, if you recall yesterday, I was reporting record blah levels. The only thing I got done was hiragana practice and scanning some pics that I need to upload later. Blah levels don't seem so bad today, hopefully they don't get worse. I found that classical music helped my blah levels go down just a little bit. But I think what I really needed to do was get out of the freaking house. Unfortunately I live with parents who consider it a waste of time and money to just go out for the sake of going out. Meanwhile, I'm going star crazy and feel I need to go outside once in a while. And I don't mean like once every three weeks, I mean once every few days. I find that even if I go out for 15 minuets I come back with blah levels at minimum. Oh well, hopefully me, my sister, and some friends can go out later and see Zombie Land, I've heard good things from it and I have picky taste when it comes to the movies I watch. If there's too many flaws, I'll trash it. It doesn't have to be oh my god the best film ever, just needs to show they put a lot of effort and thought into what they produced even if it's repetitive story line. Though I do hate the repetitive storyline from something like High School Musical.

Well, blah levels aren't so bad today but I definitely need to find something strong to reduce blah levels.
My List For Today:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Write Play
Write for Screenwriting Class
Write for Halloween Contest
Clean Purse
Clean Car
Level A World Of Warcraft Character

Here's hoping for a good day.

Blah levels, critical D:

Blah levels are so critical, I can't even focus on writing this blog. I am looking back and forth between her and the mind numbing tv screen. Don't even remember getting anything done yesterday, and now I need to think of a fix for these blah levels. What are blah levels, ever just sit around with your mind a blank and you don't notice the time going by? That's the dreaded blah. Well, I'll make a list of things that might do the trick, maybe just going outside will work.

My list for today:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guil
Write Play
Write for Screen Writing Class
Write for Halloween Contest

Blah :(


Lets see, when I got home last night I:
Had A Pounding Headache
Couldn't Focus
Felt Nauseous
Wanted to go to bed but really couldn't because I have people who'd kill me if I did because I was away all day and had an obnoxiously close deadline to meet. I MUST BE A DIRECTOR!
Yesterday was the call backs for my directing class, and before that, I had an interview and had to go to the grocery store, so I was gone yesterday. Why didn't I go today instead of yesterday? Because my mom is nuts.

Today, so far I managed to put in my cast list before my friend called about going out to eat which also turned into a mall trip. So it's currently 7pm, I'm feeling drained from that which shall not be named. And I got a long list of things I should do...
I'm going to go take a nap now... :(

Today's list:
Hiragana Practice
Cafepress Uploads
Gaia Guild
Ballet DVD Practice
And I should be doing a lot of writing :(

Lets see how this will work :(

*crawls in corner and falls asleep*

Why can't I just go back to bed?

Hey everyone.
Yesterday's procrastination list went alright all things considered. Before I went to watch auditions I practiced my violin for a few minuets. I found out I got an 81 on my hiragana quiz which is great since last semester I kept failing. When I got home I had an ill focus and had a lolli pop then did some of the ballet dvd to get me back in focus. Then the audition list arrived and I needed to pair people off for tomorrow for my one act plays.

It went alright, hopefully I can do better. A long day today and this is the stuff I want to get done:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Screen Writing Writing
Work on Art
Scan Old Web Comic Pics (I am working on it with someone else and I have been behind on giving her the old art)
Story Board/Costume Designs for TV Production Special Projects next semester
Clean Room
Start writing for webcomic
Halloween Contest Screen Play

Long list, long day, need caffeine , need bagels with cream cheese, how will I do?

Auditions and procrastionation list

Yesterday was the start of the student one act auditions. Now today I got to sit through them again for another couple of hours *grabs coffee*. Though it seems like the actors are taking my one act pretty well so I will be able to have someone respect the work.

Ontop of sitting through and seeing who I like in these auditions, I also have this procrastination list.

Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Write Play
Violin Practice
Ballet Practice

And, now something more.
I found out this awesome contest.

A Halloween horror movie, so there :D

So now to enter I am going to have to put up some more due dates.
Write script by Oct 10th
Cast with friends by Oct 12th
Film By Oct Oct 19th
Edit And Upload By Oct 24th

Long long day ahead. I hope I can get through everything. Even though I only managed to clean my e-mail yesterday.

Dear lord I'm tired

Yesterday went pretty well. I uploaded at least one design to my cafepress shop, still have some piratey ones to upload. I leveled my world of warcraft character form 75 to 76. I wrote 16 pages of screenplay, excerpts will probably be posted at some point. Cleaned out my purse that seems pretty well organize I just need to buy more packets of tissues. And cleaned out the trash from my car.

Today so far, it's currently 8:42pm, I went to my screen writing class and was very annoyed that not only did I not get to stand up and read my writing so far, but after the teacher had told us last week he'd like to see us start writing our first act, he tells us, don't do it, write an outline first. I can't stand writing an outline for writing, it makes it so annoying to write it then because now I got to put in things to fit from point a to point b. If I don't write a outline, I don't have to worry from point a to point b so much because I let them lead me there and if I need to cut things or change things, that comes in something wonderful called the second draft.

I also had to sit through a couple of hours of auditions today for my basic directing class. I must have seen certain people 5 or 6 times of different plays. And after about an hour and a half of seeing the same people in different roles, you want to shoot your brain out.

So now I am tired, though I have had alot of coffee today, need to eat, and have some more things I have to do today.

I have to:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Work On My Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Write the Play
Belly Dance DVD Practice
and Clean Out E-mail

To be honest, I don't think I am going to get through them all before I really just want to fall in bed. We'll have to see. Bye all.

Bad Day Of Procrastination Yesterday

Looking back, I can't think of one reason why I did not do at least one thing from my list. I literally just played facebook apps, role played with my boyfriend, and watch youtube videos yesterday. Well, that was utterly disappointing, I just got to concentrate on today.

My List for today:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Level a World of Warcraft character
Write It's So Easy To Write a Comedy Play at least 10 pages
Write for my screenplay class at least 15 pages
Clean Out Purse - I got a new one that's a lot smaller so I need to figure out how to maximize space
Clean Out Car

Hope I get something done today.

Half of yesterday

Yesterday, I wanted to get everything I need to get done done get done by 7-8pm, what ended up happening is this. I made great headway, I managed to get a lot of things done before 4:15pm where I left to pick up my sister and then it all went down hill. I didn't even have much time in between since I had to go grocery shopping for my mom. So by the time I got around to doing everything it was 2:15 pm.

Before I got to the grocery store however, I did managed to get a job application into Starbucks when I got a Pumpkin Spice Frappicino. Oh my, was that good. I love Starbucks in Fall and Winter for Pumpkin Spice and then Egg Nog flavors. After I got back, I sat at my desk for a few minuets and then started with a job search. I only found 1 possible job off which is a tv/film/media search site. After that I managed to practice hiragana for a few minuets, which I found this great game that's helping me learn it .

I managed to pick a song and anime for the anime music video contest for AnimeNext '10. I picked Future ExGirlfriend by Voltaire to the anime Death Note. If you've ever seen Death Note, you know the relationship Misa Amanie and Light Yagami have. If you haven't, basically, Light's an abusive using jerk, and Misa is a child-like naive boyfriend pleaser.

I couldn't however decide on a one act play for my directing class. So I decided to let the actors who come in chose for me, if they can't respect it, I can't do it. I did however pick a rehearsal schedule that hopefully wont have to be changed if I get the Starbucks job.

I promised yesterday a reward chart as suggested by the crash course in procrastination book I took out of the library a while ago. This is the loose idea of it, naturally changing for my mood for something like a Foamy The Squirrel episode ( ) instead of a snack or vise versa:

Cafepress Upload 1-4+ = Snack Per Design Uploaded / Uploaded 5+ = 3 UR Episodes when finished
Gaia Role Play Guild Per Post = 1 daily of this webcomic which is one uploaded page
Hiragana Practice Per Character = 1 daily of that comic / 1 full movie when finished
Job Search 1 snack per site / 1 cookie per place
Belly Dance DVD / Violin Practice / Ballet DVD = 1 Unforgotten Realms ( ) episode per 10 minuets
Clean Out E-mail Per 50 E-mails = 1 daily comic / 4 Unforgotten Realms Episodes when finished
Clean Out Purse 2 Foamy Episodes
Clean Out Car 20 minuets PS2 Game
Level on World Of Warcraft Every 2 bars = snack / finished = 2 movies
Clean Room Per Piece (like shoes, clothes, bed, I find it helps to break it down) = 1 daily comic / Finished = 1 movie
Sewing Per Breaks = 1 daily comic / 1 Unforgotten Realms Episode
Doll Per 15 minuets = 1 Unforgotten Realms Episode
Art Per Picture = 1 Unforgotten Realms Episode
Clean Out Laptop / Clean Out Computer Per 10 minuets = 1 daily comic / Finished = 1 movie
Writing Per 5 pages = 1 Foamy Episode
Book Reading Per 5 pages = 1 Foamy Episode

Wow, that took a while to type. Good thing I like to take it easier on Saturdays and be able to just relax without worrying about doing much. I have to upload cafepress designs, update my gaia guild, practice hiragana, at least have another 25% experience on my main world of warcraft character, write at least 10 pages of play, and at least 15 pages of screenplay. I wonder how today will be.

Yesterday Was Alright, Today A Hassle

Ok, yesterday I did alright when I finally got home after a long day at school and enjoying a pretty good band called Seriously or something to that affect and then eating at a Park Plaza Dinner (in Matawan NJ, I say this because their good, their chocolate creme pie thingy was really really good says my sister and my friend). But by the time I got home, it was 11pm. That barely stopped me. :D I decided to not bother reading the library books due to school cutting into a lot of my time, but I'll be read school stuff and leisurely books. I couldn't search for a job due to time. I did a few minuets each of violin practice and belly dance practice to get back into the habit. Though I didn't get around to working on my doll even though it was sitting right next to me. :( But I am starting to build the foundation of reanimation my guild that I had to leave because of my new Hecate schedule. And I tired to get my laptop done, but unfortunately, re-compressing the C:// Drive was taking to long for how late it was, I'll do that next month which is a Sunday :D.

I forgot to mention the other day about last Sunday satisfying my once a month recipe making. I made 20-clove garlic chicken that came out pretty well, just a little more moist then I would have liked. Next time though, I'll just use breasts that end up weighing the same as a whole oven stuffer. The recipe came from Chef John's Foodwishes blog on this website if one wishes to see it.

Today is my boyfriends birthday and I wanted to spend the day with him, so I am going to have to finish my stuff quickly, role play with him in between stuff, and then have the rest of the night with him.

My to do list for today:
Upload 5 cafepress Designs
Post on Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Job Search (By 4pm)
Ballet DVD Practice
Sew At Least most Of the Sleeves
Pick a Song and Anime
Write 10 pgs of Screenplay for class
Write at least 5 pgs Play
Schedule Directing Class Rehearsals
Decide on Directing Play
Create Reward Chart (To Be Put Up Tomorrow)

My due time is between 7pm-8pm, will I make it?

Did a good job yestersay....

If you didn't know, on Wednesdays I come home at 9:30pm or around that time from school. Yet I was good to myself yesterday about getting the two weekly things I needed done done. :) So with that lets see how I do with today's list even though I am coming home later due to some concert and a yummy bubble tea bar hosted by the school's Asia Society (woot).

Belly Dance DVD
Work On Doll
Violin Practice
Clean Out Laptop
Read Books
Job Search
Keep Up With Gaia Guild