Procrastination Book Review!!

Hey guys, yesterday was not a good day to be a procrastinator. Since my laptop didn't want to read my internet connection till later at night, I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to fix it. Though I eventually got it, it ate up too much of my time. To make matters worse, it took 2 hours for me to finish Pit of Saron in World Of Warcraft last night. A new and currently difficult heroic. Though because of the unusually long amount of time it took to finish it, I moved my deadline of getting things done from 2am to 4am. Though there's no way I could have done it later, at 5am and 6 am I start counting it as the next day since a lot of people wake up around those times.

So basically, here's what:

Got Done: Hiragana/Katakana Practice, Library Book (Review TODAY), World Of Warcraft Emblems, Viking Project Website, Social Networking Website, Table Top Room ideas, HTML Website, Homework: TV Production: Editing Lab, Homework: History: Traditions And Encounters Pages 43-51, Homework: Public Speaking: Show And Tell (I'm going to do it on my pocket goth which I got from Wicked Faire last year), Clean Out E-Mail, Laptop, Bento.

Didn't Get Done: Vocabulary Practice, Gaia Guild Updates, Writing, Reading Book, Webcomic Writing, Webcomic Concept Designs, Write Recipes, Anime Music Video First Draft, Business Etiquette Website, Belly Dance DVD, College Application Information (That I need to grab the bullet points for for my guidance councilor appointment).

So considerably I got more things done then didn't done but it's not as much as I've been able to do the last few days.

So now time for the review.

The book is called Crash Course; On Getting Things Done Now: 17 Proven Principals For Overcoming Procrastination by Lisa Tresch, and I guess edited by Larry J. Koenig, PH.D.? Larry's name is on the book, but in the introduction says Lisa is the author. This is the book that first got me going on my procrastination habit roughly 8 months ago. Which if you've been following the blog, had gotten to a very rocky start and now is coming to nearly everyday regiments. This book is a 17 chapter, 173 pages, motivational mover. Lisa Tresch takes many different approaches to the habit of procrastination. #1 She points out it is a habit, and habit must break habit. #2 She doesn't make you feel guilty for backsliding. #3 She gives you advice, and has advice for the others around you, especially since you'll need them soon. #4 She analyzes the 3 major types of procrastinators: The Perfectionist, The Success-Fearing, and The Over-Doing Project Hopping. Why they do what they do and little tidbits on each section that should help the particular procrastinator though most of her advice is one size fits all.

Throughout the book, she reminds the procrastinator that procrastination has more then the apparent consequences. Such as a constant state of anxiety and guilt and strained relationships with friends, family, employers, and co-workers. Though at the same time reminds the procrastinator that that was in the past, and if they are determined to beat the habit, a brighter future is ahead of completed projects, reduce stress level and better health, job promotions, and more.

The major tips from this book is breaking it down, the reward system, and the buddy system. That's where those friends and family come in, but only those who will give encouraging but honest words, and don't nag. They recognize the problem, but don't nag. Did I mention yet don't nag? The author stresses the point of not nagging seeing as how the procrastinator is most likely aware that the deadline is creeping up on them and already feels guilty, they don't need the nagger making the temptation to not work on it more tempting. The buddy system also acts like a sort of hall monitor asking for reports when the time seems right of how the procrastinator is doing. This reminds them of forgotten goals and, even if they didn't forget it, give encouraging words and stern reminders.

I HIGHLY recommend this book for the procrastinator, friends of procrastinators, significant others of procrastinators, parents of procrastinators, and anyone who wants to know more about the subject of procrastinating. I will be checking this book out again, or buying it, in another few months to rereread and get rereinspired. :)

List for today:
Social Networking
Business Etiquette
Table Top Room Ideas
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Reading Books
Library Book Reading
World of Warcraft Emblems
Homework: History Viking Project Website Reading
Anime Music Video First Draft
Write Recipes
Spring Cleaning
Violin Practice
Ballet DVD

Woah, big list, wish me luck. :(

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