Faire Day Tomorrow

Hey guys. Well, I had better get my lazy butt into gear if I am ever going to be able to get anything done since I missed posting yesterday. I did read goal for most of my books the other day but not all of them. I'm taking off one of my books and returning it to the library cause I can already tell it's not going to provide me with much help. It's amazing how out of date a 7 year old book can be about online business.

I don't really have much else to say at the moment though.

Edit: I am returning the last two books, have kind of the same problems.

Back-Up Rewards: 7
List for today:
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Writing: Short Story
Etsy Teams
Etsy Products
Etsy Advertisements
Pagan Book
Reading Book
Library Book 1
Library Book 2
Library Book 3
Library Book 4
Library Book 5
Brushing Teeth
Money Making
Step Aerobics
Practice Violin
Work On Art
Drunken Pixie Planning
KickStarter Planning
Clean Room
Clean Kitchen

Wish me luck. :)

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