Spring Cleaning + Pretty Good Day Yesterday

Hey guys. So first things first. Yesterday (or today if you still want to count it like that) was a pretty good day to get things done one I started to will my way through my things. Before around 10pm, I was being lazy, was downstairs most of the day. I don't know what is causing it, maybe I just need to get through the initial will to get stuff done?

What got done: Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary, Gaia Guild Updates, Writing, Webcomic Writing, Violin For Dummies, Reading Book, Library Book, Anime Music Video Third Draft, Pagan Book, Japanese Study, Japanese Homework, Computer Literacy Homework, History Homework, TV Production Homework, Viking Project, Job Search, What Is Goth? Ballet DVD.

What didn't get done: World of Warcraft Emblems, Ask The Bones, Sewing.

So there is a great difference between what got done and what didn't get done. Although I gave myself a big reward, half of me feels like I shouldn't have because I was still technically 5 points short of my goal. The other half says I got so much done before 4am, I still deserved it. I hope it's the second one. What do you guys think? I reward myself with half of the white chocolate peanut butter rabbit you guys saw before in my blog. If you haven't or forgotten, look back.

Well, enough of that for now. Now is time to explain to you and plan out my spring cleaning. For those of you who don't know, today is the first day of spring, the vernal equinox and Ostra in the pagan religion. Which it looks like we are meant to celebrate the same way people celebrate Easter, eggs and all. Surprised? This happens more often then you think, keep in mind this is a Nordic holiday.

Anyway, since it is the first day of spring, I decided it would be the prefect day to do some Spring Cleaning.

Phases and explanation of Spring Cleaning:

Phase 1: Procrastination List ; Basically, I go through my procrastination list, going through project to project, weighing them, dropping them, redefining them, etc.

Phase 2: Software/Tools ; Me spending sometime to find the best tool to try and get this done faster, better or have a digital to do list I can carry around with me and see if it works to keep this paper trail and trash low. Currently, all attempts at this are unsuccessful. But maybe I just haven't found the right program.

Phase 3: Go Through/Reorganize My Stuff ; In-Depth room cleaning, going through my storage stuff, shelves, closet, etc of every last item and either placing them where they are in a neater fashion, moving them to someplace better, or throwing them or storage them somewhere else.

Phase 4: Go Through My Clothes ; See what fits, what almost fits, what's too good to give away, what's good for donating at the thrift store, what needs to be thrown away.

Phase 5: Make Notes/List ; Notes of my spring cleaning on what I need to do, keep doing, improve on, or get to help me keep organized.

I'll start phase 1 now. Searching through my lists, the projects I need to look at to either readjust or drop are:

Reading Book, World of Warcraft Emblems, Pagan Book, Viking Project, Ask The Bones, What Is Goth?, HTML, Social Networking, Try A New Recipe.

Reading Book ; Reading Book 20pgs+Library Book 20pgs+Violin For Dummies 5pgs+Pagan Book 20pgs+What Is Goth? 20 Pgs= 85 pages per day! Do I really need to be reading that much as day not counting homework? I'm benching this project until I do not have a library book to read as well.

World of Warcraft Emblems ; This is a fun project that has the purpose of making me play more and get my moneys worth and get gear to be able to play with my boyfriend. However, I am not on when he is online and playing and it take 2 and a half hours to do if everything runs relatively smoothly and I don't get noobs or idiots. I prefer noobs because at least sometimes that just takes some creative adjusting and isn't the noobs fault. I don't want to bench this project paying $15 a month for a game, however, I am cutting from 10 bonus emblems per day to 6 bonus emblems per day. It makes a small difference, but cuts around an hour a day and will hopefully make me feel like it's a more doable goal.

Pagan Book ; I've already read it, basically I'm rereading it to try and get it to sink in. Again, do I really need to be reading this much per day without homework being factored in? So I am benching this project until a later time when my reading is lighter, and when I pick it back up, I'll hopefully be able to write more notes and just reefer back to the notes rather then this 250pg book.

Viking Project ; This was suppose to be a filmed piece of work, but my due date is March 31st. I'll be asking my sister if she would be willing to draw some pictures instead and I'd just do a voice over. Otherwise, I need to get right to work on filming or it wont be done in time and I'll have to do a PowerPoint. So if I do not have a rough shooting idea and voice-over idea by the 24th-26th, I'll cut my loses and just make a powerpoint.

Ask The Bones ; This is an ambitious project for a college application, if I do not have a full edited version by March 25th, then I will cut my loses and send and old school project.

What is Goth? ; Again, I've read it, I'll just be rereading it. Although it is a good read, I'll bench and just make it leisure without any specific goal.

HTML ; I started on this a while back, but currently, I don't think I have time for it. So it'll still be benched probably at least until I am closer to getting my webcomic out.

Social Networking ; I've found that too many things are just what to do in an interview or website like Facebook and Myspace. Yeah, that's really good to network to find a job. So I don't think I'll research this further unless I find a good book on the type of social networking I want.

Try A New Recipe ; I've basically forgotten this, and my parents are really annoyed at the type of recipes I want to do, so this project is benched at least until I move.

I'm glad I at least got the big project of Anime Music Video Third Draft done. I basically decided that what I had was good enough and added in some black space and am currently trying to get it sent in.

Well, I'm either going to nap, or get to work on phase 2, and I am leaning towards napping, so...

List for today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Webcomic Writing
Violin For Dummies
Library Book
World of Warcraft Emblems
Viking Project Book/Website
Japanese Study
Japanese Homework
TV Production Homework
Computer Literacy Homework
History Homework
Ask the Bones Project
Job Search
LARP Reading for Character History (The LARP is April 9th)

Wish me luck.

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