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Hey guys. Yesterday went alright, not great, not good, but alright. What got done: Reading Book, Library Book, Webcomic Art, World of Warcraft Emblems, Public Speaking Homework, Computer Literacy Homework, History Homework. So a decent number of things got done considering I went out of my groove, but not as much as i would have liked to get done.

Warning, the following review may contain spoilers.

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Tim Burton and crew has done it again. :)

First of all, for some reason everyone thinks this, it is NOT like the original animated Disney version. I don't know why everyone thought it was. Yes, Tim Burton, the great film icon is going to make it completely like the unpopular original animated movie and have no creative involvement what so ever. Even noted that in the first few minuets of the movie, it's made very clear that it is more like a sequel.

Basically, the story line of this movie is that Alice is now 19 and returning to Wonderland. Why? Well, on her side, if anyone wants to say the Victorian Era wasn't at least slightly depressing, ask a goth. In the Victorian Era, although clean and polished, was heavily repressive. Right off the bat of 19-year-old Alice, she is criticized for not wearing her corset or stockings even though it's "proper". Although she has a choice, Alice is expected to marry a lord who thinks she's mad and rude for mentioning her "silly" thoughts. Such as the curiosity on what it would be like to fly. Besides pointing out that it reached day dreamers heads for almost all of history, the lord says it is an impossible task as a joke.

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On the Wonderland side, the "Red Queen" has taken over Wonderland, usurped her sister's title and throne, and has been using a big, though skinny lightning dragon called a Jabberwocky. Where they got that name, I am not sure, but hey, it's Wonderland. Now I want to take a few moments over the debate of "The Red Queen" vs "The Queen of Hearts". It seems like the only reason she is called the Red Queen is because of what she has been doing, so they call her The Bloody Red Queen. However, she still has her card henchmen and hearts seem to still play a part in her decor and henchmen, so she's still the Queen of Hearts we love to hate, she still shouts "Off with (their, his, her) head!" which is played off later in the movie.

A little bit about the Wonderland characters. As expected, Johnny Deep as the Mad Hatter is very much win. It's so much win it's not even funny. Although this is to be expected. If Johnny Deep is good at nothing else (not to say he isn't) it's playing a character. And what better character then our not only active, but radioactive Mad Hatter. As for the others, including the red queen, Tim Burton shows his strength of making really endearing characters, although the talking flowers are still rude. :)

I think I can tell what you're thinking, and if you're not thinking this, you should. What about the Mad Hatter's mad playmates The March Heir and The Door Mouse? They have important roles here as well and very good characters well casted. Although I don't know much about Barbara Windsor (Door Mouse) and Paul Whitehouse (March Heir) they carried their roles well and made very interesting characters. The March Heir is given a little more light then one might expect since often people forget about the poor heir. This teacup throwing twitchy rabbit was the life of the movie when the Mad Hatter was absent or just one of the life when he was there. As for the Door Mouse, she seems a little less mad then the two. Although a slightly more important role then The March Heir. The Door Mouse was definitely a character that can stand on her own two feet, paws, feet, which is right, oh well. A feisty little mouse and a dear character.

Unlike the original animated movie, despite what she has done the Red Queen is a really endearing character. Through most of the movie the Red Queen has been debating with the same question many rulers have faced. Is it better to be feared or loved? Helen Bonham Carter, dose what she dose best, play a lovable mad woman. Even down to the end, the Red Queen pulls a confusing heart string. She desperately wants to be loved, but she knows she is not her sister who everyone loves. She is walking fine lines between loved and feared.

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Do you remember Tweddle Dee and Tweedle Dum, both played by the talented Matt Lucas. Unlike the Ompa Lompas fiasco (I love the movie, but I did feel rather cheated with the copy and pasted Ompa Lompas), these lovable characters although seeming to share one mind, they also seemed to be their own right. If anyone was to play dual roles, best it should be the one minded yet debating Tweddle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and no doubt, best it was him.

A quick thing about the Ceshire Cat. He is much more helpful this time around. Although still the self interested trickster.

Unlike the original story, our Alice is forced to go from Reactive to Active because of a prophecy saying she MUST be the one to slay the earlier mentioned Jabberwocky. The battle scene was grand and exiting with a ironic twist. And this is the major spoiler part, as Alice rises up to slay the Jabberwocky, she cries "Off with his head!" and uses the sword to slice the Jabberwocky's head off his neck. Althoguh the ending is more Bitter Sweet Ending once Alice leave Wonderland and returns to our world.

Well, I think I've said enough, I'll leave you with this. To miss Alice in Wonderland would be mad, to miss it in IMAX 3D would only be half mad. :)

I've never been to Fuddruckers before, so I didn't know what to expect. Right off the bat, the decor doesn't look like they change concepts since the 70's. The good thing, arcade video games, the bad, cheesy decor. The menu from the star was confusing to order from. But there was 2 things that struck me that I would recommended people would go for due to rarity. Buffalo Burger and Ostrich Burger. It tastes just like beef, but it's very lean. So I ordered the Ostrich Burger with fries. Another thing they never bothered to make clear, you build the burger yourself. Before you get excited, don't, it's a simple spread of basics. Although you could potentially put some cheese sauce on it. :) They have a pump of cheese for cheese fries. Again, don't get exited, it was quite bland. And the fries were quite dry and required the sauce or some ketchup to make it good. Over all, I don't recommend or condone it. If you're in the area and want a burger before or after a movie, it's an alright place. It's a burger and nothing more, it's sure as heck isn't the best burger in America.

I might be going to see Alice again today, if not I'll be trying to go see it Tuesday after next when I have my spring break.

List for today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Webcomic Writing
Violin For Dummies
Reading Book
Library Book
Webcomic Art
Anime Music Video Second Draft
World of Warcraft Emblems
Viking Project Book/Website
Do's Don'ts and Mantras of Writing
Pagan Book
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Japanese Homework
TV Production Homework
History Homework
Ask the Bones Project
Clean Out Purse
Clean Out Car

Wish me luck.

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