Happy New Years! Resolution Time

Hey guys, as promised, I have my new years resolutions ready in a general sense, I'll be spending part of the day planning things out and fine tuning my resolutions. And as usual I feel like I am forgetting something so I might need to edit my lsit later and add something.

New Years Resolutions:
1. Finish at least 1 first draft of a story.
2. Enter Cosplay Contest.
3. Find a job. (Still jobless :()
4. Clear half of credit card debt.
5. Learn to play violin & figure out sheet music for 1 Voltaire song.
6. Take horseback riding lessons w/ job money
7. Keep up with procrastination list (I feel overall I am doing alright but I need to do better)
8. Do better in school
9. Reduce Stress
10. Plan out conventions better
11. Form better savings
12. Learn to Ice Skate
13. Practice for film career
14. Practice for directing career
15. Plan for life
16. Learn Japanese
17. Develop time management skills
18. Make more bento lunches
19. Be cleaner
20. Remember reusable shopping bags more
21. Make a budget and stick to it
22. Do more LARPs
23. Create books to read list and read them
24. Be neater and more organized.
25. Write more notes.
26. Expand religious practice
27. Get involved in more plays
28. Learn to fence
29. Start a table top rpg group

Seems like a lot doesn't it? But I want to do a lot. :)

Report of yesterday:
It went alright, between my usual webcomic distraction and the fact of it being new years eve, I didn't get as much done as I should have and spent some of my last few hours awake doing some things for the sake of saying I did it even though I don't think I should have said I did with how much of it I did.

I got my hiragana, and katakana practice done yesterday and actually wrote down a few sentences. I went through the websites I wanted to read to boost my writing career forward, but there was really only one useful one. I tried to get as much reading my violin book and violin practice as I could done only to discover that my d-string is all out of whack and sounds more like an out of tune g-string. (Get your minds out of the gutters, I am talking about a violin perverts) So now before I get any work done with it, I need to replace the string which involves finding a shop and paying for it to be replaced.

I looked up a website where people have been putting up their resolutions and I think it gave me a couple ideas but it's usually the same ones just different people making them.

I only did about 10 minuets of my belly dance dvd feeling like I had been tensed up and my joints didn't want to move as I wanted them to. Shame, I wanted to do ideally half an hour minimum 15 minuets. And I only did a few strands of hair for the doll, but every strand counts towards a full head of hair.

It's currently 4pm here, and hopefully I'll get more things done today.

List for today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild
Plan Out New Years Resolutions
Ballet DVD
Scan Pics
Clean Out Laptop

Lets see how much I get done.

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