Tired + Avatar Review + Bonefish Grill Review

Hey guys. I didn't really get much if anything done yesterday. I did my hiragana and katakana practice but not my vocabulary which is bad because my first Japanese class is Thursday. I cleaned out my purse but not my car which really needs done because it's no longer drivable and my parents are looking at new cars. My cars breaks don't want to work anymore and that's the one thing you should be able to rely on.

Part of it could be the movie from yesterday which I promised a review for you guys for.

If someone came up to and told you that Avatar is most likely never going to be appreciated on the small screen compared to the big screen, THEY ARE RIGHT! Avatar is really a visually stunning film with a pretty good story base. What I really like is he created this world and an entire complete culture from the ground up. For those who put that much thought into their writing and do it skillfully, they deserve a gigantic cake or extremely large desert of their choosing. The basic story behind avatar is that the native people's home, which is a gigantic tree, is sitting ontop of some very valuable ore. I think they said it was worth $20million a kilo. The native people refuse to move for several reasons. So they decided to make these clones or "Avatars" made from their DNA and the DNA of the controller of these clones. Basically it's a mental link. A navy man who's legs no longer work twin brother committed suicide on the journey there, so he's the only one who can operate the very expensive Avatar now. He learns the ways of the native and falls in love. There's a anthropological scientist who takes the socially responsible approach. And there's the racist jerk general who just wants to blow them to smithereens. Attempts mass genocide at several point closer to the end. If someone tells you you MUST see this film in IMAX 3D, listen to that too! I don't ever recall seeing an IMAX 3D movie before but it really enhanced this film. I plan on making a gigantic party to the same theater to see Alice In Wonderland when it comes out. The IMAX theater in New Brunswick is very nice, very big, very clean. I got the chicken tender combo because I was hungry and craving protein. The chicken was soft, fresh, and at least mostly pure and the outside was nice and crunchy. The curly fries was seasoned and delicious. And the icee was huge. For something you get in a movie theater, I would say it was worth the $15 if you ever hungry before a movie like I was. I recommend asking for cheese sauce on the side. My dad order their pretzel bites with cheese, which was good as well, so he had extra cheese left over, so I dipped my food in the sauce and it was delicious.

Unexpectedly, after the movie we went out to eat. Originally we were going to go to the Olive Garden by the East Brunswick Mall, but for 5 of us (including my friend Glyn-Chan aka Glynnis) it would have been a 40 minuet wait. There apparently is always a wait there. Which might say something about the food. I wouldn't know, it's been years since I've been there. So instead we went to the Bonefish Grill a bit down Route 18 from there. The atmosphere was lovely. Me and my friend Glyn-Chan ended up getting Shirley Temples, which in my opinion, could have been more sweet, but had huge cherries. I ordered the Tilapia with butter lemon sauce and au gratin potatoes. The lemon butter sauce was more butter then lemon then I would have liked. So I recommend getting 1-2 lemon wedges with it. However, it was cooked to perfection it was very moist and yummy. The succotash was green bean, corn, tomatoes, and bacon. Luckily I got one with very few tomatoes and bacon which I just ate around. It was very good, cooked perfectly. The au gratin potatoes were also perfect, just would have preferred a non-breaded crust. I wish I had room to try their Creme Brulee however. My dad got fish tacos which looks like it has chips like he makes it, which is a bit greasy, but extra potato taste to it so it balances out. Maybe his was less greasy then how he makes though. I wouldn't know. I highly recommend this place.

Well, I should get right to the list after I have my brunch. I am start back up on Weight Watchers after being with my boyfriend for a week. Probably gained weight come to think of it.

List for today:

Gaia Guild
Reading Books
Scan Pics
Belly Dance DVD
Clean Out E-Mail

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