Picture delay

I promised you guys pictures of my bento today, unfortunately I wont be able to put them up today. For some reason my scanner took files from my Violin For Dummies disk rather then the actual card. It may still be in the card, if so, I think it was just a matter off I picked the wrong source to choose from. So hopefully they'll be up and online tomorrow.

Anyway, status update of yesterday's to do list. It went really well. I got most of my room done before I left (late) for school. All that was left when I left was to vacuum and go through the stuff I got out of my now broken down car. My poor pink baby. :( Yes, if you didn't know, my car was pink. While I was at school during the 3 hours before my sister gets out of school, I updated everything I needed to update for Gaia Online Guilds, and did my Hiragana, Katakana, and Vocabulary practice. So those were a good chunk of my to do list that got done. After my dad came to pick us up, I finished up my room, drew something which didn't turn out so well (I am currently debating whether to waste the time to show it), scanned the pictures I needed for my blog, and did my TV production homework. I am currently waiting for my history books to arrive. I plan on going to the library monday while I have to drop off Kat and Glyn-Chan to read for the reading quiz Wednesday.

Based off the work that got done yesterday, I don't think I'll be doing the step aerobics for a while, unless I am really energetic. I'll also try to wake up around
half an hour earlier to clean my room and get some things done before I leave. Though if I actually keep up with my room, it shouldn't need as much time as it did yesterday.

Some of you have commented on forums my blog is very boring. Although the primary reason I have this blog is for myself, I don't want to be boring. So any suggestions to spice up my blog is welcomed while I sit here in down time thinking of what I can add.

In addition to my list I also have to go to the grocery store and my Japanese class. Hopefully I'll have plenty of time before I leave.

I'll be planning some short videos soon to get some practice for my hopeful career as a film maker. :) The results, status updates, and screen shots will be posted here when available. If anyone knows where to find the song Yakety Sax, please let me know, I plan on doing some exercises with that.

I found that I save a lot more time and it comes out nicer to make my list on Microsoft Excel then it dose writing it down, especially since I break down the violin for dummies book in 5 pg increments. 5pg 10pg 15pg 20pg etc. So hopefully my energy being strained writing it down wont keep me from doing it.

Tomorrow is my day to sew, and I'm very behind on a project, so if it comes out well enough, I'll post pictures about it on here.

Today's To Do List:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild
Scan Pics
Plan Events, Videos, Pictures?
Belly Dance DVD
Violin Practice
Work On Doll
*new goal* At Least 25 World Of Warcraft Emblems A Day

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