Yep, it's TGIF day. Thank goodness it's Friday. No classes today, though I am picking up my new used car today! :D Which hopefully means monday I can go out and look for jobs.

Ok, today, some old things and some new things:

Old Things:

As seem my good stream so far, I do a grand bulk of my list. I probably would have gotten everything done if it weren't for the grocery store trip taking a huge chunk of my time once again. I probably would have even had another 30min-45min to work with if I didn't have a problem getting home. There was a long road block because someone's house caught fire. D: I hope no one was in there! Though today there is nothing special to report about my to do list.

Did: Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary, Some Gaia Guild Updates, Scan Pictures, Violin For Dummies Reading, Library Book Reading (Which has given me new wind, a relook at my perspective, and new ideas for things that need done), Viking Project Website, Violin Practice, Doll.

Didn't Do: World of Warcraft Emblems, Belly Dance DVD (Which admittedly I could have done if I weren't role playing online with my friend Claire), Reading Book, Writing.

The end of the month is coming up fast, and I need to pick something to cook and cook it. Though before I do, I am going to give myself more options and write down the new recipes I've found that I wanted to try.

I also need to do a little bit of slight spring cleaning. Which is what I am going to call it on my blog list. I need to replace the index cards I have made with a to do list since that seems to be what I have been doing more. I need to move my paper file to somewhere where it's not pretty much hidden, out of sight out of mind kind of thing. I also need to get back on track with weight watchers and double check what we have in this house that's wight watchers friendly. It's been seeming that my favorite excuse is that there's not enough weight watcher friendly stuff around. I am sure this book is going to give me more ideas of what I need to do, but for now, that's it.

I seem to always be doing something now a days, but it'll be the weekend soon and I shouldn't be doing much then. :)

At my current rate of reading, I should have a review up about the book I took out of the library in 3-5 days. Maybe 6 if I am lazy. And then move on to my other book for review and notes.

Well, it's 10:45, I should probably get to my list before it gets any later, i don't know how long picking up the car is going to take.

List for today:
Spring Cleaning
Ballet DVD
Sewing (need to catch up on it and sew something else)
Gaia Guild Updates
Scan Pictures
Violin For Dummies Reading
Reading a Book
World Of Warcraft Emblems (I've decided to make my time limit for this alone at 2am due to the sheer length of time it requires)
Library Book Reading
TV Production Homework (Due Tuesday For Wednesday Class)
Japanese Homework (Due Monday for Tuesday Class)
History Homework (Due Tuesday For Wednesday Class)
Viking Project Website Reading/Note Taking
*edit* I looked at my gaia procrastination guild and found I am also way behind on making my Anime Music Video, so I need to catch up with that.

DAAAANG I got a big list, oh well, better get started.

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