Bento Picture and Recovery

Well, I have to borrow this picture from my mom's blog, "An American In Bento", while I figure out why my computer doesn't want to read the memory card.

I made some mei fun with a stir fry mostly in Worcestershire Sauce for one meal in one tier. In the other tier I made some pierogies, broccoli, and add some peppermint white chocolate bark from Christmas. I think I needed some oyster sauce or something in the stir fry though because the Worcestershire sauce was overly powerful.

Unfortunately Thursday got me out of my getting things done groove. It took over 2 hours since I haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks. Had to borrow my sister's new used car. I only had an hour to cook and eat before I had to leave again for my Japanese class.

Yesterday me, my mom, my sister, and Glyn-Chan went to the Hong Kong Supermarket and then went and hung out at her house. Unfortunately when I came home, I was very tired and went and took a nap. It was a bad day and I still should have gotten at least something done. :( Might have helped if I did my blog before I left, oh well, knowledge for next time.

I'm still looking for suggestions on how to make this blog more interesting if anyone has any?

I just finished having my stir fry left overs. Which a side note, it's much better to have the noodles cooked in the sauce after you've soaked them rather then to just have it soak and cover it with sauce. Cooking it makes it much softer, but be careful not to over cook it.

Well, now that I just finished my lunch, I'll get to work on my procrastination list.

List for today:
World of Warcraft Emblems
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Japanese Homework
Gaia Guild
Scan Pics
Reading Books
New Years Resolutions

I may or may not try and catch up with my sewing, but it wont count as a replacement of Friday, just to try and make some more of the cosplay costume, and get rid of some of my fabric that's currently overflowing in my drawers.

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