Bumpy Start For The New Year

Hey guys, yesterday didn't do so well, basically all I did was my japanese learning stuff and trying to move 3 tubs of fabric to 2 drawers. Did not work, so I need to figure out where that last tub will go and where my bag of scrap fabric will go.

I decide to make myself a rule however. If it's not done by midnight, it's not done for the day. Maybe having more of a time pressure but still relatively loose will encourage me to do it. This rule starts in affect today. This rule dose not apply with writing.

Though yesterday I started planning out finding a job route. For some reason I think I'd like working in a comic book shop, so each point is a comic book shop and I go to everything else along the route.

Well, there's really nothing to report so I'll get to making my list and getting to it.

To Do List:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild
Scan Pics
New Year Resolution Game Plan

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