I hate Wensdays!

Hey guys, once again I have to borrow my picture of my bento from my mom's blog. This was what I had yesterday for the most part. I only ate 1 of the whole wheat peanut butter rolls cause I used natural peanut butter...Never buy it. It's a pain to mix, takes forever to mix, and if you don't mix it full and right you'll end up with dry peanut butter. Incase you were wondering what that green thing and those black things were. ABC brand jelly cup green apple flavor, which I highly recommend, their delicious with juice like syrup and less then 1 weight watchers point for each. Though the grape is pretty bad and the syrup for the lychee is bad, though not the jelly itself. And blackberries, yummy. :)

Bento made last night will most likely be put up tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday went badly, not only did I wake up late, I ended up spending 2 hours watching south park as procrastination when I got home. Damn you South Park for being so funny! Especially since they played one of my favorite episodes about the anti-tobacco groups. I don't smoke, but I agree with the argument of freedom of choice. Just keep that smoke away when I'm trying to eat in a restaurant or something.

Well, here's a condensed version of what I did get done and what I didn't get done:
Done: Hiragana, Katakana, Vocabulary, some Gaia Guild Updates, Scan Pics, History Homework, Bento.
Didn't Do: Writing, Reading Books, Ballet DVD, Violin Practice, World of Warcraft Emblems.

I should have had plenty of time to do at least 2 of those things that I didn't do.

I'll be posting book reviews as I do them including a reread of the book that's been helping me with my procrastination habit.

I'm still looking for suggestions on how to make my blog more interesting.

Well, it's 8:30am, I got early classes today, and I'm behind schedule so I should get right to work, rather then procrastinating with Facebook Apps and Youtube Videos like I've been doing for the past hour. I'm so bad.

To Do List For Today:
Clean Room
Work On Art
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Scan Pics
Gaia Guild Updates
Reading Books
World Of Warcraft Emblems
Japanese Homework (Due by Midnight Tonight for Class 6pm Tomorrow)

Another big list day. :( Hope I get it done.

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