Resolutions Suck

Hey guys. Didn't get as much done as I would have liked to yesterday mostly due to the fact that it took me hours to be able to finish my new years resolutions notes. And it was pretty much just creating a track record. Which while I was doing that, I forgot an important resolution. Wake up earlier, so I need to create a track record and chart for that. No more waking up passed 1pm dang it! In addition to that I did my Japanese stuff, scanned the drawings for the webcomic, and started working on my gaia guild.

My friend invited me to go to NYC on the 20th. It sounds exiting I am sure, but I am anything but. Unless I am going somewhere like Broadway or China Town or AnimeFest (which I forgot to plan for and put in the list of things to save for...I NEED A JOB!!!) I hate going to NYC. It's crowded. :( When you live an hour drive, 2 hour train ride away, some of the magic's gone.

Me and my boyfriend decided we are going to save up to go to the Food and Wine Festival in Disney World specifically Epcot. If anyone who might be actually reading this has more information on the dates, could you tell me, because me and Mikey aren't entirely sure when it starts.

I need to stop procrastinating with reading The Devils Panties...WEBCOMICS!! MY KRYPTONITE!!!

List for today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Clean Out Purse
Clean Out Car
Read Books
Gaia Guild
Scan Drawings

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