Tuesday Rut

Hey guys, don't have much time to talk, I'll be leaving for school in half an hour. :( My alarm didn't wake me up so I over slept. :( The bento picture wont be coming today again due to the fact that my scanner/printer still doesn't want to read the memory card. Which is a shame because it was a nice colorful one as well. Though I'll be making another bento tonight for Wednesday classes. Anyway, nothing much to report. I did 10 minuets of Belly Dance DVD which was enough to satisfy my list, but not weight watchers. My e-mail has been checked through. I didn't get enough World Of Warcraft Emblems for my list but I did manage to buy a new pair of much needed shoulders. While I was waiting to be placed in a heroic raid, I got a slight bit of homework done, but not much. I didn't send any invites for my role playing guild though. Oh well. I also finished going through a dungeons and dragons book for design ideas for my webcomic.

Speaking of webcomics. I just wanted to say this cause of the drama involved in the story line. Today's Dominic Deegan upsets me so. D: Boo hoo, poor Luna and Dominic.

I'm still waiting for suggestions on how to make my blog more interesting.

List for today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Scan Pictures
Reading Books
World Of Warcraft Emblems
History Homework (Must be done tonight)
Ballet DVD
Violin Practice

Dang, big list, wish me luck.

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