Yesterdy was terrible, today is bad

Hey guys, I didn't really do anything yesterday. I spent a good chunk of time getting my new used car which might end up being returned and we may or may not be getting a loan to get em a slightly better car. Basically the only things that got done was Hiragana, Katakana, and Scanning Pictures. I did also start ripping videos for my Anime Music Video. The first DVD needs to be redone because there's subtitles on it. Death Note is not one of those high action animes, there's A LOT of dialog in it. I am going to continue working on it today and hopefully by Wednesday have a first draft. Well, it's 6:48pm as I am typing this so I should shut up and get to work. I also decided last night to eliminate my midnight deadline and move it to 2am just in case I get something that throws a wrench in.

List For Today:
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild Updates
Scan Pictures
Violin For Dummies Reading
Reading A Book
Library Book Reading
World of Warcraft Emblems
Homework TV Production Book
Homework TV Production Editing Lab
Japanese Homework Work Book
Japanese Homework Dittos
History Homework Reading
Viking Project Website Reading
Spring Cleaning
Anime Music Video Ripping/Editing
New Years Resolutions Updates

Gah! Another big list even though it's Saturday. Wish me luck. :(

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