Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me

Hey guys. Today is my 22nd birthday. :) I got to remember to change the description. That also reminds me I need to look back on my past posts and see if I find patterns. I'll do that another time. Unfortunately the only thing that has gotten done was Gaia Online Updates. But I did have a weird dream the second time I tried to get up this morning. So I went onto a dream dictionary to try and find out what it means.

  • High school - learning spiritual lessons/returning to the lesson, prepare for the real world
    • This is a recurring theme in my dreams for some reason, maybe I'm not as prepared as I think I am.
  • Friend - taking on aspects of them
    • The problem is, I am not really all that much friends with him, he's much much much more my sister's friend. And what kind of aspect am I supposed to take from him? Maybe high school is more about spirituality since he's a pretty powerful psychic.
  • Olympics - unity vs competition
  • Race - I am over extending myself
    • I already knew that, I always feel strained
  • Soccer - Suppressing aggression or sexuality, How am I running life/quick on my feet decision/competency/integrity/strengths/and weaknesses, achievement/confident and empowered (if I lost, likely it's the opposite)
  • TV - openness and flowing with thoughts.
  • Worm - (I couldn't tell if it was an earthworm or a regular worm, or if my dream was trying to signify both) further into my unconscious/growth.renewal, weakness/degradation/filth/negativity

Basically what was going on in my dream as far back as I can remember. I was taking part in some sort of Olympic event, and I was running in a race, but I couldn't run, I was hoping. That suddenly changed into a soccer match where I was no where close to the goal to stop the ball. I was able to speed walk after that hearing that the game was fixed for the theatrical release of their story. Then I was walking through my old high school and my sister's friend Raven was there. We were talking about it and he had a huge remote and we sat in the cafeteria which for some reason had a tv in it. He turned it on to something like Flapjack or Chowder, riding a worm across the screen.

Near as I can tell from the definitions, there's a deeper subconscious reason to any feelings I have of inadequacy and such, especially for the real world, as I am over extending myself, and need to seek my sister's friend Raven for help to find some aspect of him I need to take on.

Well, since they need to be returned anyway, on the advice of my dream, I'm going to at least return those books. I'll have to jot them down for later reading.

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List for today:
Gaia Guild Updates
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
World of Warcraft 1/2 Leveling
Brushing Teeth
Chain Mail
Clean Room
Work on Art
Step Aerobics
Art History Homework
Business Homework
Voice Homework
Film Appreciation Homework
Spring Cleaning Phase 2
Spring Cleaning Phase 3
Spring Cleaning Phase 4
Spring Cleaning Phase 5
Spring Cleaning Phase 6
Spring Cleaning Phase 7
Spring Cleaning Phase 8
Spring Cleaning Phase 9
Spring Cleaning Phase 10
Spring Cleaning Phase 11

Wish me luck. :)

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