Work Pay Day Errands

Hey guys. Nothing really got done yesterday, not even my room. :( Unfortunately, I got started and had enough steam to do it too, but my mom called me down to clean for our new refrigerator coming today. Maybe next week. :(

I'm going to be out all day, but my horoscope looked promising, and I do have 6 hours between my shift's and my sister's where I can get my paycheck, deposit it, and then go to the library or something and get stuff done.

Hopefully I'll finally finish the reading book and finally be able to put up a review of it and move on to another book. Feels like forever since I've started it.

List for today:
Gaia Guild Updates
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Webcomic Writing
Reading Book
Library Book
Violin For Dummies
Pagan Book
World of Warcraft Emblem / 1/2 Leveling
Brushing Teeth
Europe DVD
Library Book Notes
Violin Practice
Belly Dance DVD

Wish me luck. :)

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