Realization: Why One Might Fear Meditation

Hey guys. Well, a good amount has gotten done. And I'm glad since this is up from the last few days.

What got done: Pagan Book, Reading Book, Library Book 1-6, Money Making, Job Search, Curls, Step Aerobics, Hiragana/Katakana, Belly Dance DVD, Clean Out E-mail, Go To Grocery Store, Shower

Though you might be more curious over the title of this blog post. Yes, I came to a realization while reading a book on meditation which is one of the books I picked up from the library. Though it gave me the idea, something else made me realize it a bit more clearly. Specifically the webcomic Dominic Deegan.

Now, you might be wondering why this silly webcomic helped me realize why people might be afraid of meditation. Simply put, part of meditation is the act of going into ones mind. Which can sometimes feel chaotic and dangerous to us.

Of course, the mind isn't always pretty. Some people have things inside of them they don't want to face. They feel that they can't. Sometimes these things are too scarring as it is. Sometimes these things feel overwhelming. But ultimately, but "shutting your eyes"&mind from it, it doesn't solve the problem now does it?

Sometimes, it's not as obvious as facing an unpleasant truth. Some people have a fear of what they might find or unlock with meditation. Fear of change (and occasionally a fear of success) would be something that could cause this fear of meditation. But do you really want you potential to be forever in the dark simply because you fear the new you maybe someone you wont like? (Which is nothing a little bit of self-re-examining can't fix?)

Sometimes it's also a fear of an unpleasant truth about oneself that one would rather not admit. Something someone is afraid they can't just fix. Which of course couldn't be further from the truth. Even if you need someone else to help you through your problems, meditation can tell you it's there in the first place. And you know what they say, admitting you have a problem is the first step into solving that problem.

As you might have guessed from the list of what got done yesterday, I can finally put up the review of that book I've been reading.

So here's A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk ; How to Work with the Elemental World. Oh my goodness do I love this book. This book is great for meditative techniques, finding a way to the fae realm, warding off fae who are unwelcomed, and learning about the fae. And I suppose you're wondering why I keep saying the fae rather than faeries? Simply, he's quite expansive in what he considers a faerie that he seems to just look at the most of the fae family rather than the niche of faeries. Though that isn't a bad thing since they share a realm and it's probably best. Though it's especially good since he includes at the back and entire list of fae, their traits, origins, stories/personalities. Overall, this book is a must have for witches who like learning about the fae (a still good book for all other witches), a must have for those who could use a reference for writing fantastical fiction, and a good to have for those who want to learn more about the religion.

I'm going to have to remove Ballet DVD for a while because I discovered last time that my DVD is missing. So I'll either need to find a new one I like or get another copy.

Back-Up Rewards: 18

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Wish me luck. :)

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