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Hey guys. Didn't get much done yesterday, infact, all that got done was Gaia Online stuff. But I do have a review today that I wasn't expecting. Infact, I realized towards the end of the movie, shoot, now I got to do a review tomorrow.

I was skeptical about this movie. Although Greek Mythology is not hard to mess up, it's been done, and just because it's hard to mess up doesn't mean they don't. But I was pleasantly surprised and pleased about this movie. It even used things I was not 100% familiar with. Some of which I've heard of before, one of which I haven't. I've never heard of the Lotus Eaters before. Sounds like something more from Eastern Asian mythology rather then Greek. I thought they were sirens using potioned-up cookies. You can tell Fox put a lot of study from the books, a lot of thought, and a lot of effort as well as money into this movie. I get the impression that they wanted this to be their Harry Potter for their company, but they knew it'd be hard work and they did it. Although I've never read these books. Nor have I heard of them before the movie came out in theaters.

Breaking down this movie review into the movie's three acts. Warning, may contain spoilers. Act 1 has the same feel as if anyone who's read the first Harry Potter book can feel. Not to say it's ripping it off, it's simply logical to what's going on. A boy, Percy Jackson goes through life knowing he's odd, not knowing why, or besides his ability to breath underwater, how. He believes he's dyslexic with ADHD. At some point it shows that English words are trying to be re-scrabbled for ancient Greek. His mother put up with a abusive misogynist saying he does something for them that he couldn't understand. Act I, though this could be debated, one could say Act I ends when Hades shows up, ends with it's first fight scene, throwing Percy into the plot head on. As well as a slight nod to where the author decide to name his hero Percy.

Act II gives us the satisfaction of the misogynist getting beat up a bit before they head on to the rest of the story. My gut tells me the author got the name Camp Half-Blood from Harry Potter but with a different meaning behind those words. Again, not ripping Harry Potter off, probably struggled for a title, and it suited since it's a camp full of Demi Gods. Percy gets introduced to some vital characters, one a daughter of Athena and another a son of Hermes. He also gets a bit of training and a nod to a power from water that proves useful later. Although, once he goes on his quest, there is a sudden jump, but a logical one to make. The quest is that Percy must get his mother back from Hades' Underworld. Which, quick note, there are 3 inaccuracies in Hades, one slightly annoying, one glaringly annoying, and another glaringly annoying.

#1 Despite popular belief, Hades' Underworld is NOT fire and brim stone. Actually, it's more described like a damp dark cave where the warmth of the sun can never reach.

#2 Hades was never mean or cruel to Persephone, quite the contrary, he did everything in his power to try and make her happy with him. Persephone even secretly liked his eagerness to please her, but hated being underground.

#3 Hades, to my knowledge, like pretty much every other god, has never ever ever gone back on his word.

That being said, I do love how Hades' looked like a rocker.

Act II is almost completely bulk the quest for Presephone's pearls which brings a person back from the Underworld, she has them for visitors. One from Medusa, another from a museum and they have to ward off a Hydra. Another slightly annoying thing, the Hydra was a beast of Poseidon's, gods rarely used things created by each other if EVER. And the last from the lotus eaters. Which the Hydra and the Lotus bothers me and my family. The Hydra, someone would notice it being there. The Lotus Eatters, #1 Police didn't come when they were fighting the staff, #2 why was the key in the glove compartment and the car worked? But it was just a slight annoyance where there are loose ends of the story. Who knows, maybe in the book, the stone Hydra broke and disappeared into dust, or something.

After that, Act II had two major events before the Act III also known as the resolution. The trip down to the Underworld, and a fight with the actual Lightning Thief. I'm going to purposefully stop the review there to keep from spoilers. Act III ended with Percy and the other girl (sorry, I can't remember names right now) getting a brief moment with their godly parents and returns to Camp Half-Blood.

Overall I rate the acting between above above average to great depending on the cast. The effects, amazing. The story, despite a few holes and inaccuracies, it did remain mostly accurate enough to tell that the author knew Greek Mythology very well. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes this type of movie.

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