Good Day Yesterday

Hey guys. After I got home I more or less got right to work. I earned enough for a big reward, which I currently did not have, so today it's either going to be a half priced frappiccino from Starbucks if my mom allows me or I'm going to bake a cake and have a nice big piece.

What got done: Gaia Online, Writing, Webcomic, Library Book, World of Warcraft Emblem/Leveling, Brush Teeth, Shower, New Years Resolutions.

What didn't get done: Sewing, Violin Practice.

So a lot more got done then didn't get done and is hopefully putting me back on track.

Today, in addition to my list, is all about cleaning for my dad's friend to be here, so the stuff not on my list is mystery cleaning. I don't know what it'll be until my mom tells me. Except my room cause he's sleeping in here, cause my room's the guest room when we have company.

List for today:
Gaia Guild Updates
Webcomic Writing
Library Book
World of Warcraft Emblem / Leveling
Brushing Teeth
Violin Practice
Clean Out Car
Clean Out Purse

Wish me luck.

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