Yesterday Was Alright, Today A Hassle

Ok, yesterday I did alright when I finally got home after a long day at school and enjoying a pretty good band called Seriously or something to that affect and then eating at a Park Plaza Dinner (in Matawan NJ, I say this because their good, their chocolate creme pie thingy was really really good says my sister and my friend). But by the time I got home, it was 11pm. That barely stopped me. :D I decided to not bother reading the library books due to school cutting into a lot of my time, but I'll be read school stuff and leisurely books. I couldn't search for a job due to time. I did a few minuets each of violin practice and belly dance practice to get back into the habit. Though I didn't get around to working on my doll even though it was sitting right next to me. :( But I am starting to build the foundation of reanimation my guild that I had to leave because of my new Hecate schedule. And I tired to get my laptop done, but unfortunately, re-compressing the C:// Drive was taking to long for how late it was, I'll do that next month which is a Sunday :D.

I forgot to mention the other day about last Sunday satisfying my once a month recipe making. I made 20-clove garlic chicken that came out pretty well, just a little more moist then I would have liked. Next time though, I'll just use breasts that end up weighing the same as a whole oven stuffer. The recipe came from Chef John's Foodwishes blog on this website if one wishes to see it.

Today is my boyfriends birthday and I wanted to spend the day with him, so I am going to have to finish my stuff quickly, role play with him in between stuff, and then have the rest of the night with him.

My to do list for today:
Upload 5 cafepress Designs
Post on Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Job Search (By 4pm)
Ballet DVD Practice
Sew At Least most Of the Sleeves
Pick a Song and Anime
Write 10 pgs of Screenplay for class
Write at least 5 pgs Play
Schedule Directing Class Rehearsals
Decide on Directing Play
Create Reward Chart (To Be Put Up Tomorrow)

My due time is between 7pm-8pm, will I make it?

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