Been 4 days since I last posted, gotten little to nothing done and I am still so very tired. I didn't end up reading as much as I should have in my directing book, though my actresses seem to be able to get this play, what it's about, and take my direction really well. I got to make note of them if I ever needed people for something while I am still in New Jersey, which hopefully I'll have at least 1 filming project before I go. I got a paper due in a week. I faced the most brutal test in Japanese and didn't do much studying. The only constolation is that even the best students from that class think they didn't do well. It was something that shouldn't have beeen hard but it was. Right now I am going to try and focus, initiate the reward chart someway, and get some things done and back on track.

I do think that I am not getting enough sleep, I usually don't go to bed until somewhere between 2-3am talking and role playing with my boyfriend online. But I think stress is the major cause of me being fatigued and tired and weary. Which apperiently weary is defined as a mental fatiuge so it's harder to get rid of. I plan on trying to change a couple of things about this. I am going to look up/think up some free stress relif ideas while I am still searching for a job when I'd most likely make one of my rewards a cheap massage. $45 for an hour is a very cheap rate here. I am going to try and eat healthier, maybe do a loose weight watchers think where they have you: have 1 multi-vitamin, eat 5 servings of fruits and vegitables, drink 8 cups of water, have 2 healthy oil, every day. It couldn't hurt to at least be healthier then maybe I wont feel like I need 13 hrs of sleep.

Well, he's my general to do list:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Read Directing Book to pg 165
Job Search
Plan TV Filming
Find Sheet Music for Songs for Voice Class
Start on Sociology paper
Write for Screen Writing
Film/Play Writing Ideas: Jack The Ripper / Fairy Play / Suicide Causing Demon "you think you got it bad"
Learn "The World Is Mine" Project Diva dance
Catch Up On My Directing Notes
Think up Ideas for $$$ when I don't have a job
Free Stress Relief Ideas
Find Short Film Contest for my area
Healthy Eatting Plan

What should be done today:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Pracitce
Clean Room
Read At least To Page 70 In Directing Book
Check Job Websites
Scheduale Time For Filming
Contact Voice Teacher About The Songs
Practice While Watch Project Diva Dance For At Least 3 Runs
Start On Title Page and Summary Page
Create The Bullet Points I Was Suppose To Create For Screen Writing Though I HATE Outlines
Create Documents For The Film/Play Ideas
Catch Up On Directing Notes
Think Up At Least 5 $$$ Ideas
Find At Least 5 Free Stress Reliefs
Plan At Least 5 Healthy Meals
Figure Out What To Cook Before Or On Halloween

Hope I make it, it's currently 12:45pm now so I can only hope. P.S If there's alot of spelling msitakes on this blog, it's because I am currently using Internet Explorer since I still haven't uploaded FireFox on my laptop.

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