Why can't I just go back to bed?

Hey everyone.
Yesterday's procrastination list went alright all things considered. Before I went to watch auditions I practiced my violin for a few minuets. I found out I got an 81 on my hiragana quiz which is great since last semester I kept failing. When I got home I had an ill focus and had a lolli pop then did some of the ballet dvd to get me back in focus. Then the audition list arrived and I needed to pair people off for tomorrow for my one act plays.

It went alright, hopefully I can do better. A long day today and this is the stuff I want to get done:
Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Screen Writing Writing
Work on Art
Scan Old Web Comic Pics (I am working on it with someone else and I have been behind on giving her the old art)
Story Board/Costume Designs for TV Production Special Projects next semester
Clean Room
Start writing for webcomic
Halloween Contest Screen Play

Long list, long day, need caffeine , need bagels with cream cheese, how will I do?

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