Half of yesterday

Yesterday, I wanted to get everything I need to get done done get done by 7-8pm, what ended up happening is this. I made great headway, I managed to get a lot of things done before 4:15pm where I left to pick up my sister and then it all went down hill. I didn't even have much time in between since I had to go grocery shopping for my mom. So by the time I got around to doing everything it was 2:15 pm.

Before I got to the grocery store however, I did managed to get a job application into Starbucks when I got a Pumpkin Spice Frappicino. Oh my, was that good. I love Starbucks in Fall and Winter for Pumpkin Spice and then Egg Nog flavors. After I got back, I sat at my desk for a few minuets and then started with a job search. I only found 1 possible job off Mandy.com which is a tv/film/media search site. After that I managed to practice hiragana for a few minuets, which I found this great game that's helping me learn it http://www.csus.edu/indiv/s/sheaa/projects/genki/hiragana-timer.html .

I managed to pick a song and anime for the anime music video contest for AnimeNext '10. I picked Future ExGirlfriend by Voltaire to the anime Death Note. If you've ever seen Death Note, you know the relationship Misa Amanie and Light Yagami have. If you haven't, basically, Light's an abusive using jerk, and Misa is a child-like naive boyfriend pleaser.

I couldn't however decide on a one act play for my directing class. So I decided to let the actors who come in chose for me, if they can't respect it, I can't do it. I did however pick a rehearsal schedule that hopefully wont have to be changed if I get the Starbucks job.

I promised yesterday a reward chart as suggested by the crash course in procrastination book I took out of the library a while ago. This is the loose idea of it, naturally changing for my mood for something like a Foamy The Squirrel episode ( www.illwillpress.com ) instead of a snack or vise versa:

Cafepress Upload 1-4+ = Snack Per Design Uploaded / Uploaded 5+ = 3 UR Episodes when finished
Gaia Role Play Guild Per Post = 1 daily of this webcomic http://www.darkencomic.com/d/20031216.html which is one uploaded page
Hiragana Practice Per Character = 1 daily of that comic / 1 full movie when finished
Job Search 1 snack per site / 1 cookie per place
Belly Dance DVD / Violin Practice / Ballet DVD = 1 Unforgotten Realms ( urealms.com ) episode per 10 minuets
Clean Out E-mail Per 50 E-mails = 1 daily comic / 4 Unforgotten Realms Episodes when finished
Clean Out Purse 2 Foamy Episodes
Clean Out Car 20 minuets PS2 Game
Level on World Of Warcraft Every 2 bars = snack / finished = 2 movies
Clean Room Per Piece (like shoes, clothes, bed, I find it helps to break it down) = 1 daily comic / Finished = 1 movie
Sewing Per Breaks = 1 daily comic / 1 Unforgotten Realms Episode
Doll Per 15 minuets = 1 Unforgotten Realms Episode
Art Per Picture = 1 Unforgotten Realms Episode
Clean Out Laptop / Clean Out Computer Per 10 minuets = 1 daily comic / Finished = 1 movie
Writing Per 5 pages = 1 Foamy Episode
Book Reading Per 5 pages = 1 Foamy Episode

Wow, that took a while to type. Good thing I like to take it easier on Saturdays and be able to just relax without worrying about doing much. I have to upload cafepress designs, update my gaia guild, practice hiragana, at least have another 25% experience on my main world of warcraft character, write at least 10 pages of play, and at least 15 pages of screenplay. I wonder how today will be.

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