Long time, need rest, way behind

Hey guys, if you noticed I haven't been posting in a while. It was sort of a try for a half vacation that hasn't worked much. I still had a lot to do and I still had to wake up for classes and because my mom has this annoying thing about sleeping in. And I still stayed up late to talk with my boyfriend online. And I got barely anything done and now I am a bit behind on some things. Basically now I am going to be trying to catch up, get back on track, and hopefully find a job so that I can relax with things like going out to eat more often and reward myself with it more often. Though when I do find a job, first two months is going to be me catching up with my bills and my savings for vacationing in Scotland. Though I have little complaints about this, what was it? Over a week of not trying to do everything on my lists. I just wish I got back into my groove sooner and could sleep in more. I am currently waiting to help sell concessions at my college's haunted house type thing.

To Do List For Today and This General Weekend:
Load Cafepress Designs (for today)
Japanese Vocabulary Studying
Hiragan Practice
35-50% to leveling a World of Warcraft Character (for today)
Costume Sewing
Cosplay Sewing
Violin Notes
Build A Balance Beam
Act I & Act II Points for Screenplay
Watch Crash For Paper
Start on Sociology Paper
Research APA format
Gaia Guild
Read Directing Book

I am sure I am forgetting something but I need to stop biting more then I can chew and this is already that. So hopefully I'll get most of these things at least mostly done by the end of the day. It's currently 11:10pm, so we'll have to see.

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