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And one from today:

Yesterday went pretty good considering most of the stuff I was doing after I got home from voice. Though I was highly disappointed in the ballet DVD since I was feeling so tired I barely did any of the stretches at all. I managed to do a good amount of work on my gaia guild and hopefully I can do the same amount of work today. I did my hiragana and violin practice and started to figure out my schedule for my next semester at my college. I got a couple of bars in on my world of warcraft character which is good because it'll lighten the load trying to get her leveled by Sunday.

And now a new day, a new set of list, here's the list:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Clean Room
Work on Art
And Separate my one act into beats and sections

I hope I do better today :)

*post post edit, apparently it read as being sent yesterday so I don't know what happened here*

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