My Two Cents

Yesterday went alright, but not good, definitely not great. I managed to clean out my purse before my blah levels went down a lot by later going out to see Zombie Land and going out to eat.

Here's my two cents on each part. Zombie Land was a great movie focusing more on the characters then the zombie killing but the characters didn't distract that this was a horror action film about zombies and killing zombies and surviving a zombie apocalypse. It was a awesome balance between action, horror, comedy, and romance. The characters were real and mostly believable. The acting was great. And the Bill Murry cameo staring as himself was a definite highlight out of many. Climax/Crowning Moment of Awesome could have been a little more suspenseful but I did not feel robbed, cheated, or any feeling negative of the climax. The romance was neither graphic or near non-existent or out of no where. This was defiantly more of a dark comedy since the comedy seemed more apparent then any other sections. But I like comedy more. So my two cents, ANYONE able to deal with blood mouth spewing zombies, mild cannibalism, gun shots, and clean kissing should see this movie. How clean was it? I'd say that if the violence and the blood and cannibalism wasn't there, it'd defiantly have been G rated.

Eating out, we went to IHOP. Ok, what's so special about that? IHOP for it's fall time, came out with Pumpkin Pancakes. I can understand where some people might have seen Pumpkin Pancakes and have already skipped the rest of this review. But these pancakes were amazing. A lovely balance between pumpkin and it's spices. So soft, the whipped cream it was topped with made it so soft you could mash it in your mouth, but not under cooked. Granted, your millage may vary with shift and cook. Whoever had that 9-10pm shift at the Marlboro NJ IHOP was a good cook and made them very well.

Anyway, when I got home though, I did manage to get to work on writing my screenplay for my screenplay writing course. I wrote 5 pages, and now I need to thin of names for a character's co-workers and it was getting late and I didn't want to start looking at names. I also managed to break my record, twice, in my hiragana practice game where I drag each hiragana symbol with it's romanji (English letters) equivalent. I first got 1:17 when I broke it first. Then I got 1:07 when I broke it a second time, I'm starting to really get the hang of it. After that I got a few bars in of leveling my world of warcraft character but I didn't level her completely, I'll be finishing that tonight at the request of my boyfriend so we can play together.

So my list for tonight not counting that is:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Belly Dance DVD
Clean Out E-mail.

It's currently 10:44pm, lets see how I do.

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