Lets see, when I got home last night I:
Had A Pounding Headache
Couldn't Focus
Felt Nauseous
Wanted to go to bed but really couldn't because I have people who'd kill me if I did because I was away all day and had an obnoxiously close deadline to meet. I MUST BE A DIRECTOR!
Yesterday was the call backs for my directing class, and before that, I had an interview and had to go to the grocery store, so I was gone yesterday. Why didn't I go today instead of yesterday? Because my mom is nuts.

Today, so far I managed to put in my cast list before my friend called about going out to eat which also turned into a mall trip. So it's currently 7pm, I'm feeling drained from that which shall not be named. And I got a long list of things I should do...
I'm going to go take a nap now... :(

Today's list:
Hiragana Practice
Cafepress Uploads
Gaia Guild
Ballet DVD Practice
And I should be doing a lot of writing :(

Lets see how this will work :(

*crawls in corner and falls asleep*

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