Auditions and procrastionation list

Yesterday was the start of the student one act auditions. Now today I got to sit through them again for another couple of hours *grabs coffee*. Though it seems like the actors are taking my one act pretty well so I will be able to have someone respect the work.

Ontop of sitting through and seeing who I like in these auditions, I also have this procrastination list.

Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana Practice
Write Play
Violin Practice
Ballet Practice

And, now something more.
I found out this awesome contest.

A Halloween horror movie, so there :D

So now to enter I am going to have to put up some more due dates.
Write script by Oct 10th
Cast with friends by Oct 12th
Film By Oct Oct 19th
Edit And Upload By Oct 24th

Long long day ahead. I hope I can get through everything. Even though I only managed to clean my e-mail yesterday.

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