I Think I Need Coffee

Hey guys, if you recall yesterday, I was reporting record blah levels. The only thing I got done was hiragana practice and scanning some pics that I need to upload later. Blah levels don't seem so bad today, hopefully they don't get worse. I found that classical music helped my blah levels go down just a little bit. But I think what I really needed to do was get out of the freaking house. Unfortunately I live with parents who consider it a waste of time and money to just go out for the sake of going out. Meanwhile, I'm going star crazy and feel I need to go outside once in a while. And I don't mean like once every three weeks, I mean once every few days. I find that even if I go out for 15 minuets I come back with blah levels at minimum. Oh well, hopefully me, my sister, and some friends can go out later and see Zombie Land, I've heard good things from it and I have picky taste when it comes to the movies I watch. If there's too many flaws, I'll trash it. It doesn't have to be oh my god the best film ever, just needs to show they put a lot of effort and thought into what they produced even if it's repetitive story line. Though I do hate the repetitive storyline from something like High School Musical.

Well, blah levels aren't so bad today but I definitely need to find something strong to reduce blah levels.
My List For Today:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Hiragana Practice
Gaia Guild
Write Play
Write for Screenwriting Class
Write for Halloween Contest
Clean Purse
Clean Car
Level A World Of Warcraft Character

Here's hoping for a good day.

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