Fallen behind, wish to fall in bed

With halloween comming and going, I've gotten far behind and haven't been eatting like I should be. Yesterday was LARP (Live Action Role Play) Day, which is the day where everything goes on sale and all the people who do LARP get things like face make-up and costumes and stuff like that for cheap. So I spent a good amount of the day that wasn't hanging with my best friend Risa. When I got home I had left overs and took a nap. After my nap I started playing World Of Warcraft and questing for some experience. Though late at night I started feeling sick, which i've determined was because I didn't eat, so I had some cream of potato soup and orange juice.

Halloween was fun, me and my friend Glyn-Chan and my sister went out to eat at this awsome chinese buffet place on Route 9 just passed Freehold Mall. Which I HIGHLY recommend. Good food, good variety, good price, with a soda it comes to about $10-$15 depending on how much you tip. My personal favorite things to put on my plate: Vegitable Mei Fun (which is a skinny noodle made from rice instead of wheat), Vegitable Egg Roll, Vegitable Sushi, and Beef And Mixed Vegitables. After that me and my sister had to go clean the house and Glyn-Chan had work. Glyn-chan left work early and went trick or treating in the neighboorhood with her obnoxious, rude, loud little brother. After that we ordered italian and my friend Risa came and we had a slumber party and watched Trick 'r Treat and Creepshow.

I HIGHLY reccomend Trick 'r Treat, it was a series of short scary stories all taking place in a day and linked to each other one way other another. I think every story had at least one links to 2 anothers. It was well composed, well told, and the acting was awsome. Rent it or buy it for next halloween or next time you want some creepy stories. Creepshow was a good seires of stories composed in a comic book and told individually. Creepshow is good for anyone who likes a good Stephine King like story. Though the guy who got covered in weeds was only entertaining, being really goofy. Every other story was creepy though the affects and stuff were cheesey which was the point. The ironic thing I like about this is that in the begining the father threw out the comic book saying that it was a bunch of stupid bad stories about people comming back from the dead and people turning into weed. The irony is that in his day, those would be exactly the type of horror movies that would have been popular when he was a teen, especially something like, some monster being trapped in the crate and eatting people.

Well, enough about Halloween, now I need to focus on stuff I need to get done and Thanksgiving. I know I know, what about Christmas? Lemme enjoy Thanksgiving first, it's a holiday in it's own right not something in between Halloween and Christmas. Stop trying to push Christmas further back and enjoy the holidays we have uptil then.

My to do list:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabularly Practice (we're starting Katakana in class and my vocabularly is really weak in japanese class)
Belly Dance DVD
Clean Out E-Mail
Start On Sociology Paper
Search For Song Sheet Music
Project Diva Dance
Create Film/Play Documents
5 money ideas
5 free stree relief ideas
5 healthy meal plans

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