Eh, it went alright

Yesterday I had my screen writing class and my directing class had a 15 minuet one on one where we were to leave right afterwords. I was the first one on the list so I worked on getting somethings done. I got most of the cleaning out my e-mail at the school and finished it off at home. I found the sheet music for a penny-whistle for Beggars to God, so maybe he could figure it out, if not, I also found a book that has it at my library, I plan on going later. I managed to remember to create the film/okay documents for the ideas I came up with not that long ago. I found the idea to preform at kids parties somewhere, but preform as what and am I good enough is the question? Once I got home, I did a quick belly dance stretch before I went into the shower and relaxed a bit.

Today I already got my gaia guild done to satisfaction, though there's more work I'd like to do on it. I ate my omelet and have a lot of errands to run. I got to go to the grocery store for my parents, go to the post office for my parents, go see if I can apply at costco, and see if I have time to go to the library. I wanted to go apply at the mall but I wont have time. Christmas season is coming up and stores need holiday people. Maybe Thursday if my parents don't think of some errand for me to run. Though yesterday I did apply for a lot of jobs on craigslist.

Today's List:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Violin Practice
Ballet DVD
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Write Sociology Paper
Project Diva Dance Break Down
Write Film/Play
5 money ideas
5 stress relief ideas
5 healthy meal plans

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