Just a sigh

Hey guys, yesterday went pretty well, I got a lot of my project and paper done but still needed to finish it up today but they did get finished on time today. When I got home last night it was passed midnight, my head was pounding, I was feeling sick and I didn't want to do anything. But I made some toast and peanut butter, took some ibuprofen and after a while got to work but didn't get a lot done. Today it's passed 10pm and I have a slight headache after taking some ibuprofen so I probably need to lay my head down after I eat and before I start cleaning. Oh well, new day, got a lot of work to do and still got time to do it.

List For The Day:
Cafepress Upload
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Japanese Homework
Script/Play/Webcomic Writing
Clean Room
Work On Art
Gaia Guild

I actually think that's it. :)

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