So very tired, so much homework

Hey guys, yesterday went disappointingly. The only things I got done was some hiragana and katakana practice and some easy 5 minuet homework pieces. I got a lot of work that needs done today and I feel so very tired. For instance I need to help my group film for a project due by 2pm tomorrow. Editing under pressure, yay. Hopefully my sister wouldn't mind if I had to have her wake up a bit earlier just on that day so I can have a couple more hours of editing. Well, if I am going filming, I need to go soon, nothing interesting happened to me today besides applying to a sports grill restaurant.

List For Today:
Cafepress Upload
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild
Various Homework
Write Script/Play/Webcomic
Violin Practice
Ballet DVD

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