Ubercon was Fun, today is Pins and Needles

Hey any readers I actually have. :)

Currently, my arm is shaking, I am on pins and needles about my student directed one act, and I still have some con funk attached to me like tar. Last weekend was Ubercon and that was fun, I spent a lot of time planning in circles though. I got to play quite a bit of multi-verser which the semi-official description of that table top role playing game is: You start by playing yourself, and then things get weird. It's a fairly easy game to play and difficult to run. Currently the joke in my current verse is: I am in Victorian Pre-Germany (before Germany was a country and not a collection of smaller nations like Italy was) with no money, late at night, and all the hotels are booked for the corrination of a queen and these are my options: I could let the streets take me, prostitution (which wasn't going to happen), or ask the victorian catholic pre-german church for help. All sounding suspiciously similar if you aren't Catholic. If you don't know, con funk is when you are tired from a convention where you are in a permanent state of awake and readiness to try everything there, didn't get much sleep, and didn't eat well, and the aftermath of that.

I don't have much time so I am going to get right to the list before I have to leave in a half an hour for rehearsals:

List for the day:
Sociology Study/Paper
Practice Voice I Song
Japanese Homework
Practice Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary
Upload Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Belly Dance DVD
Clean Out E-mail
Register Schedule
Plan Projects
Write plays/sctipts

And I am sure I am forgetting something but right now I need to try and focus on current tasks at hand. You'll hear from me soon about how it's going.

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