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Hey guys. I've been away for a while due to the fact that my Uncle Mark Pansing died last week and I spent the weekend attending the funeral. I'll spare you some speech about mortality, but chances are, if you had someone you lost, you already know, and if you didn't you already heard all about it. But he wouldn't want me to dwell, and just live a happy life, so I'll continue on.

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So with the fact that I wasn't paying attention to my diet at all while I was gone, I wouldn't be surprised if I gained weight. Especially with a fattening lunch today. But this is a week to reset everything.

As for everything I plan on doing to make a few extra dollars here and there. I want to have a separate reward chart. Something where I get a little something every x amount of hours I put into each. The thing is, I'm having trouble thinking of the reward should be. Cause unless I'm making more money then I'd like, I can't be having it money orientated like going to the Inkwell Coffee House or something like that. So I need to think of something special, that'll motivate me, that's either free or pennies to do. So I'll be sitting here for a bit brainstorming ideas.

I did stop somewhere while I was in West Virgina. I was going through coffee withdrawals since I need a good amount of creamer in my cold coffee, I couldn't just have Keurig coffee. So I walked to the stores/restaurant section of Parkersburg WV and tried an iced coffee from Mango's Latin Bistro with a shot of espresso. A word of warning, if you're from a coffee obsessed state, have at least 2 shots. I think they have more coffee in the hot coffee, but in the cold freeze, you need those shots. I ordered the white chocolate, and it was very sweet and felt closer to a milkshake then an iced coffee. But I wouldn't say it was bad. And I was told that people started coming to them over the half-hotel Starbucks and the local coffee place for coffee. The place was very warm and bright. But if you're looking for a lot of coffee, be sure to ask how much is in it before you order. Worth a look if you're in the area.

Anyway, I should probably get to work.

List for today:
Cafepress Shops
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
World of Warcraft 1/2 Leveling
Brushing Teeth
Chain Mail
Money Making
Clean Room
Work on Art
Step Aerobics
Go To Grocery Store
Moving Phase 1
Moving Phase 4
Moving Phase 6
Moving Phase 8
Moving Phase 10
Moving Phase 12
Moving Phase 13
Moving Phase 15
Moving Phase 16
Moving Phase 17
Moving Phase 18
Moving Phase 19
Moving Phase 20

Wish me luck. :)

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