Surprise Work Day Yesterday

Hey guys. Yeah, I had gotten called in yesterday. I really wish I felt like I could have said no, but there was literally no one else. Cause otherwise I would have gone to the lake before they closed it. Oh well, it mostly depresses me because due to work, I did not go swimming once this summer. At any rate. I decided not to go to the flea market, I just felt really negative about it. And I'm kind of glad I didn't since I got called in, gave me a chance to sleep in a bit. I'll figure out what to do with all this stuff. Though now I really got to find a way to raise $40-$55 by Friday. My paycheck wont be available till that Saturday. Maybe they'll let me do a post dated check. Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Anyway, I should get this done.

List for today:
Cafepress Shop
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
World of Warcraft 1/2 Leveling
Reading Book
Brushing Teeth
Chain Mail
Money Making
Ballet DVD
Violin Practice

Wish me luck. :)

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