Hey guys, yesterday didn't go over so well, mostly I just finally cleaned my room, which looks nice and neat right now and should make it easier to work. But yesterday something came that was good for me to have. Julie & Julia. If you go back to my first post, that's what inspired me to make this blog. Especially because what the movie is about to me; Set a goal and do it! Just do it! DO IT ******! GET OFF YOUR *** AND DO IT!! Which is something I've been getting lazy with. So I finished watching the movie and got right to work, but it wasn't long before I started feeling tired again. But luckily it seems that the soundtrack from Monty Python's Spamalot helps me get my energy levels love with great music or otherwise just funny. My favorites: I'm Not Yet Dead, The Song That Goes Like This, Diva's Lament, Run Away!, The Historian Introduction to Act I, Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, and my very very favorite You Wont Succeed On Broadway (If You Don't Have A Jew). I wish it were still on Broadway, but I know soon it'll be open season for others to put on the production with permissions. Well, it's almost end of the semester, and I got homework to do and my list for today. See you soon everyone.

List For Today:
Upload Cafepress Designs
Gaia Guild
Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Belly Dance DVD
Violin Practice
Work On Doll
Write Script/Play/Webcomic/Books
Ripp Video For AMV
Directing Notes
AnimeNext Masquerade You Wont Succeed On Broadway
Parody Lyrics

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