Post Christmas Slump

All last week I've been tired, been doing badly on my weight watchers diet, including Sunday where I went gift shopping with my friends and had a hamburger with fried and a fat free frozen yogurt with peanut butter. The frozen yogurt by itself is good, but the peanut butter send it up higher but was totally worth it in the frozen yogurt. I've started back on track with it today, but not counting last night since I have no idea what the values of last night were. I'm mostly not counting because I didn't eat much before my aunt came over. I didn't get to bake that cake so I'll have to figure out something else to make between now and new years eve. Maybe some muffins depending on how bad it is for weight watchers.

For Christmas I got, Warcraft III Battle Chest, Coraline the original graphic novel, Violin For Dummies, a journal, graph paper booklet, a wooden pencil with a rose carved at the end, a Victorian-esc compact mirror, t-shirts and candy. :) I am especially happy about the Violin For Dummies and the Warcraft III. With the Violin for Dummies I'll hopefully be able to make some more progress with learning the violin. And with Warcraft III I'll hopefully be able to play with my boyfriend a little more often.

Oh, and before I forget, I closed my cafepress shop. Maybe one day I'll reopen it but not anytime soon. Not only do I not have the self-discipline for it right now, but I need to clear up the credit on my credit card from it. It had cost me $7 per month for premium service and I never made headway on it. So it no longer makes any sense to have it right now. Maybe after my webcomic is off the ground.

Well, I should get to my list for today. It's very short though:
Procrastination List:

Hiragana/Katakana/Vocabulary Practice
Gaia Guild

I got a lot of choices on what to write though. Lets see how this short list goes for today. See you tomorrow.

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