New Years Dry Spell

Hey guys. Yeah, it's been a pretty heavy dry spell, with the holidays and finances and everything and of course my own horrible sleep schedule. Hopefully I can get back on track. As it is I am not nearly as done with my winter costume for LARPing as I had hoped. I may even need to stop by joann's tonight for some fabric for it.

I might be doing a short story writing contest soon, we'll have to see. $52 for something that I'm competing against publish professionals for, yeah, I'm a bit nervous, but if I don't try, I wont improve. And it'll be a great way to get some fire under my butt.

I honestly don't have that much to say, probably why I procrastinated posting yesterday.

Back-Up Rewards: 25

To-Do List:
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Writing: Short Story
Etsy Teams
Etsy Product
Etsy Ad
Library Book 1
Library Book 2
Library Book 3
Library Book 4
Reading Book 1
Reading Book 2
Brush Teeth
Money Making
Job Search
Step Aerobics
Hiragana Practice
Katakana Practice
Japanese Vocabulary
Japanese Sentences
Work on Art
Clean Room
Contact Juggling
Drunken Pixie Productions Planning
Winter Cleaning 1
Winter Cleaning 2
Winter Cleaning 3
Winter Cleaning 5
Winter Cleaning 6
Winter Cleaning 7
Winter Cleaning 8
Winter Cleaning 9
Winter Cleaning 10
Winter Cleaning 11
Winter Cleaning 12
Winter Cleaning 13 

Winter Cleaning 14

Wish me luck. :)

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