Room Is...Almost Cleaned!

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. After the whole all nighter to clean my room thing, I was not in the mood to do much of anything. I even had to change strategies in order to get it even close to what it is now. I ended up shoving everything on my bed so I wouldn't be able to go to bed until it was done.     Ok that and I found that this time around, I couldn't do my list as normal and just needed to work from outside in. Which that only half worked since I ending up taking a nap on the couch before I had finished. But now my room is nearly completely cleaned and that is good, especially since my next focus is the bodice, skirt, and cloak I need to finish in like a week!

Well, I best get to work.

Back-Up Rewards: 22

List for today:
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Writing: Short Story
Etsy Teams
Etsy Products
Etsy Advertisements
Reading Book 1
Reading Book 2
Brushing Teeth
Money Making
Job Search
Step Aerobics
Clean Bedroom
Work On Art
Marcelline Wig
Drunken Pixie Planning
Contact Juggling

LARP Songs
Winter Cleaning 1
Winter Cleaning 2
Winter Cleaning 3
Winter Cleaning 5
Winter Cleaning 6
Winter Cleaning 7
Winter Cleaning 8
Winter Cleaning 9
Winter Cleaning 10
Winter Cleaning 11
Winter Cleaning 13  
Winter Cleaning 14

Wish me luck. :) 

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