Steampunk Book Review

Hey guys. Well, yesterday could have gone better since only Reading Books 1&2 were done since I ended up coming home and was either seriously buzzed or actual drunk.

But that being said at the very least I can now put up the review of the Steampunk Crafts Book.

Please note that at the time I am writing this, for some reason Amazon Associates doesn't seem to want to work with blogger. Hopefully a link will work better.

"Steampunk Accessories: 20 Projects to Help You Nail the Style"by Nicola Tedman&Sarah Skeate is a wonderfully detailed book on how to create some wicked accessories ranging in a multitude of difficulty and investment levels and offers some helpful hints and tricks about where to find some important material. Though personally I would change around a few things especially if you're like me and you're not only concerned with making accessories for yourself. Like how many things of juice or milk containers can one get without massively over-inflating their budget for milk and juice just for a bit of the plastic? I would probably sooner measure out how much plastic that is and just head to jo-ann's for very little at a time but enough where it still makes it worth it. But ultimately it's acting more like a helpful tip.

This book is also great in the fact that while I says some specific accessories, you really could just add and subtract whatever you want to it and it'll just teach you how to put it together, layering for effect, and all sorts of other techniques. I highly recommend this book for the crafty person who wants to dive into the world of death rays and corsets. While it is a bit pricey and I do recommend actually buying it so you have something to turn back to, it is far cheaper when you consider the cost of buying  a finished product or several.

Well, there's my review, I best get my lazy butt to work before I have to leave for work.

Back-Up Rewards: 22

To-Do List:
Writing: Book
Writing: Play
Writing: Script
Writing: Short Story
Etsy Teams
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Reading Book
Brush Teeth
Money Making: Writing
Money Making: Survey
Money Making: Other

Job Search
Step Aerobics
Hiragana Practice
Katakana Practice
Japanese Vocabulary
Japanese Sentences
Work on Art
Clean Room
Contact Juggling
LARP Songs
Drunken Pixie Productions Planning
Winter Cleaning 1
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Winter Cleaning 14

Wish me luck. :)

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