New Years Dry Spell

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's been a little weird for me. Not helped by the fact that I now have around a week and a half to finish my winter LARP costume so there's going to be a lot of time dedicated to that. There's a lot of stuff I got to do, heck, last night I started catching up on where I left off on Legend of Korra. Yeah, I now know about the Mako-Korra-Asami stuff...again! My reaction: No! No! No! Must hit stuff! No! No more stupid love triangle bs!

So yeah, this week will probably be dedicated to catching up; making my costume; cleaning my room; and other LARP preparations. I'm going to have to return my library books though since they're all way over due. I don't even wanna see my fees bill. But I will, at some point.

Well, as it is I'm posting at work and I should probably just put this up and do other stuff.

Back-Up Rewards: 22

To-Do List:
 Writing: Book 
Writing: Play 
Writing: Script 
Writing: Short Story 
Etsy Teams
 Etsy Product
 Etsy Ads 
Reading Book 1
 Reading Book 2 
Brush Teeth
Money Making 
Job Search 
Step Aerobics
 Belly Dance DVD 
Clean-Out E-mail 
Hiragana Practice 
Katakana Practice 
Japanese Vocabulary 
Japanese Sentences
 Youtube Video
Clean Room 
LARP Songs
Contact Juggling
Drunken Pixie Productions Planning
Winter Cleaning 1
Winter Cleaning 2
Winter Cleaning 3
Winter Cleaning 5
Winter Cleaning 6
Winter Cleaning 7
Winter Cleaning 8
Winter Cleaning 9
Winter Cleaning 10
Winter Cleaning 11
Winter Cleaning 12
Winter Cleaning 13  
Winter Cleaning 14

Wish me luck. :)

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